Chrisean Rock is an up-and-coming rapper/singer. She soared to fame as rapper Blueface’s first-ever artist signed to his label.

In this Chrisean Rock wiki, discover the musician’s net worth, boyfriend, and height. Also, find out her age, real name, and what she looks like with teeth.

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Chrisean Rock Age

In 2021, Chrisean Rock reached the age of 21.

Born with the zodiac sign Pisces, Chrisean celebrates her birthday on the 14th of March. Moreover, 2000 is her birth year.

Chrisean Rock Real Name

Chrisean Rock’s real name is Chrisean Malone. On Twitter, she went by the username @chriseanmalone. Perhaps, Chrisean created the profile she decided on her rap moniker.

Her Family: Parents, Siblings

A native of Baltimore, Chrisean Rock hails from a large family. She has 11 siblings (10 younger ones and 1 older than her).

What’s more, Chrisean Rock had a difficult upbringing. While her mother struggled with addiction, the rapper didn’t see her father until she was 7. Because of her parents’ predicaments, Chrisean even had to experience homelessness. She would often move schools as a result.

Beyond poverty, Chrisean also suffered abuse as a child. The trauma could be one of the reasons why she began leaning on faith as an adult. Reportedly, she is a devout Christian.

Chrisean Rock Height

Per sources online, Chrisean Rock stands no more than 5’5”. Moreover, her measurements gave her an hourglass body. She, however, doesn’t appear to have undergone plastic surgery.

Chrisean Rock With Teeth

Until January 2019, Chrisean Rock had a beautiful smile with full teeth. By the time she earned a little notoriety, Chrisean already had a front tooth missing. Admittedly, she had lost it while living with Blueface and his other girls. Perhaps, a fight caused her tooth loss.


Chrisean Rock with her teeth

As of 2021, Chrisean hadn’t fixed her missing tooth. And why would she? After all, it became her signature feature.

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Her Instagram, TikTok

Until 8th August 2021, Chrisean had collected 1.4M likes on her TikTok @chriseannrock. Meanwhile, her self-titled YouTube channel and Twitter (@chriseanmalone) enjoyed 21.6K subscribers and 4K followers respectively.

With 300K followers, Chrisean’s Instagram @chriseanrock was disabled. Her backup page @chriseanrockk__ had around 6K followers.

Chrisean Rock Net Worth

Chrisean Rock’s net worth, by 2021, had surpassed $300 thousand.

In Aug 2021, Chrisean dropped a single titled “Dying Slowly”. The music video for the song featured her making out with women.

Chrisean is big into fashion. Because of her social media following, she was also able to land brand endorsements with Ethika and Fashion Nova.

Before jumping into the music industry, Chrisean ran tracks. She even appeared in an episode of Ultimate Tag and won $10K in the grand prize. After the win, Chrisean said:

“As a young, black, beautiful woman, I am a survivor, Chrisean says. Since I didn’t have the childhood I should’ve had, then I can have the future that I deserve.”

For education, Chrisean attended Santa Monica College. There, she acquired an Associate’s degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.

Chrisean Rock Boyfriend

Coming to Chrisean Rock’s boyfriend, many alleged that the Baltimore native was romantically involved with her boss, Blueface.

The dating rumors resurfaced after Chrisean’s tattooed Blueface’s real name on her neck. The “Thotiana” hitmaker wasn’t happy with her decision and even had asked her not to do so before.

Before the neck tattoo, Chrisean had another ink on her face dedicated to Blueface.

When the speculations were at an all-time high, Blueface took to Instagram and claimed he wasn’t selling Chrisean false dreams or promises of a relationship.

Later, Chrisean rebutted Blueface’s claims by saying:

“Yeah blue could have worded that interview better but listen I don’t go out my way to lie and cover sh*t up.stop saying I live with him when I live in my own sh*t”

Blueface, if you don’t know, has a son with his baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis.

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