Starring in the 2020 installment of “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way,” Biniyam Shibre rocketed to fame. His chemistry with love interest Ariela on the season made for an interesting watch.

Keep on scrolling and discover Biniyam’s wiki details including his height, ex-wife, and job. What’s more, learn about his age, birthday, and family background. Furthermore, find out his status with Brittany!

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Biniyam Shibre Age, Birthday,

Born in the year 1991, Biniyam Shibre turned 29 years in late-Spring 2020. What’s more, the Ethiopian hunk celebrated his birthday on 6th April.

From his Zodiac sign (Aries), Biniyam inherited traits like ambition and vigor.

Biniyam Shibre Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Coming to Biniyam Shibre’s family, they all hailed from the majestic land of Ethiopia.

On social media though, Biniyam rarely showed off his parents and siblings. However, it didn’t necessarily mean she didn’t love and admire them.

Fans of “90 Day Fiance” assumed Biniyam’s father and mother were supportive of his dreams.

In May 2020, Biniyam uploaded a photo of his late mother on Instagram. According to the post, he lost his mom at a young age.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Per reliable sources on the internet, “90 Day Fiance” star Biniyam possessed above 5 feet 10 inches. Similarly, her weight surpassed 81 kilograms.

Through regular exercise and daily workouts, Biniyam sported a chiseled physique. Therefore, women on social media salivated over his 6 pack abs.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Courtesy of “90 Day Fiance” fame, Biniyam Shibre accumulated around 2.5 thousand IG followers by June 2020.

Biniyam’s presence on Twitter and Facebook, meanwhile, seemed low.

Biniyam Shibre Job, Net Worth, Career

Going by his Instagram bio, Biniyam Shibre donned several hats. Besides his career as a martial artist and a gymnast, he also held the job of a dancer/choreographer.

Moreover, Biniyam from “90 Day Fiance” made his living working as a physical trainer. As a performer, Biniyam also performed in South Sudan. Likewise, he competed in a bodybuilding championship.

Needless to say, Biniyam’s net worth was under $100 thousand (as of 2020).

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[90 Day Fiance] Biniyam Shibre & Ariela Weinberg: Dating, Engaged, Baby

Circa 2018, Biniyam Shibre met Ariela outside of a hotel taxi stop in Ethiopia. Recalling their first encounter, the American beauty shared:

“I was waiting for a taxi outside a local hotel and I saw a very attractive guy. I yelled out, ‘Don’t I know you from somewhere?’ and it actually worked… “

At first, Biniyam shot down Ariel’s romantic advances. In the end, she caved into his charming ways.

After dating for three months, Ariel became pregnant. For prenatal care, the pair thought it would be best if the expecting mom moved to the United States.

When the time for the pair to welcome their child came, Biniyam convinced Ariel to move back to Ethiopia. While in the African country, Ariel professed her concern over delivery care there.

Moreover, Ariel’s parents and siblings openly objected to the international couple’s relationship. Her sisters believed Biniyam was using the aspiring writer to obtain the green card.

Biniyam Shibre Ex-Wife, First Son, Divorce

Before striking a romance with Ariel and impregnating her, Biniyam Shibre had done the same to another American woman.

Around 2017, Biniyam and his now-mystery ex-wife welcomed a son. They named their bundle of joy Simon. By then, they had already married one another.

Even with Simon in the mix, Biniyam and his former spouse weren’t happy together. As a result, they eventually divorced one another.

Despite his objection, Biniyam’s ex-wife relocated to the US with their son once they separated. Unable to see his son, he took to IG and vow to never forget his child.

Like Biniyam, Ariel also experienced an unsuccessful marriage with her former husband Leandro. After 10 years as a married duo, they divorced in 2018.

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