Bethany Baird rose to the occasion as a YouTube star who gave life advice to young women of faith.

As a strong believer of god and Christain values, Bethany enlightened people and counseled them via her books and vlogs.

But, what made her stand out from the crowd when she emerged as a Christian Vlogger on YouTube. Alongside her sister, the two created the channel “Girl Defined” and helped many girls overcome their problems.

Study in detail about the vlogger cum writer from the article below.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

She was born on 13 September 1988 as Bethany Braid in the suburbs of Texas. As of 2020, she turned 31 in age.

Being a religious person inside out, Bethany believes in the Zodiac sign and their meaning in a person’s life. So, being a Virgo — according to her birth date — she possesses characteristics like hard-working, kind, and patient.

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Bethany Baird Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

As a native of Texas, Bethany was born and raised in a large family of eight kids and two parents. All the children were homeschooled and they lived a pretty simple and ordinary life.

Accompanied by her seven other siblings, Bethany was pointed towards Jesus by her parents from a very young age. So, all the children were very understanding and grateful for god from a young age.

Soon after, she turned adult and was capable of taking her own decision. Even at that time, Bethany believed in Jesus to show her the way and he did.

Together with her sister Kristen Clark, she co-founded “GirlDefined Ministries” and started a career as a counselor and writer.

Bethany Baird Height, Weight, Distinct Features

In terms of appearance, Bethany Baird once joked about her family saying they are all and mostly blonde. Furthermore, she did not disappoint as she has a height of 6 feet 1 inch with her brother being close to giant status.

Other than that, she possesses a slim body and maintains a stable body weight for herself. Similarly, other distich features of Bethany include her blonde hair and mannerism of speaking.

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Social Media Reach: IG, FB, YouTube

Social media played a big part in Bethany’s life and career. She had so much knowledge about life and god and wanted to spread that biblical truth in the world.

For that, YouTube and social media proved career changing for her. She started posting vlogs inspiring young women to walk the path of god.

In a matter of months, people started following her more and more. Soon her joined Instagram account earned 51.K followers at the end of 2019.

Also, she owned two YouTube channels with 158K subscribers combined. Similarly, she also has a Facebook account which she updates for her fans from time to time.

Bethany Baird Net Worth, Books

Talking about Bethany Baird’s net worth, it is estimated to be around $2.5 million. The reason behind that was her books and every growing popular YouTube channel “Girl Defined”.

Bethany co-authored two books “Girl Defined” and “Love Defined” which proved successful sellers and her vlogs inspired many to do something in life.

In this way, a great success story for the Texas native started to unfold.

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Bethany Baird Husband, Wedding, Baby

One of the great strengths of Bethany was her family bond. Though she set out to make a worth of her life, she managed to find the right partner for herself in a husband, Dave Beal.

The exact detail of their meeting is disclosed, but they exchanged rings in May 2018. A year later, they hosted their wedding ceremony grandly and quickly started a family of their own.


Bethany Beal and husband, Dave with their newborn in March 2020 (PIc: Dave’s Instagram)

By August 2019, they announced their first child and welcomed a son on 12 February 2020. Until then, people criticized the duo and accused Bethany to have forced Dave into gay conversion therapy.

However, the rumors were false and the couple enjoyed every bit of their time together.

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