Who Is Ari Haagen? Well, she became a household name as Skyler Gisondo’s girlfriend. However, she is much more than that.

This Ari Haagen Wiki shares facts about Skyler Gisondo’s girlfriend such as her age, parents, and height. Moreover, it tries to delve into her job, movies, and career!

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Ari Haagen Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Ari Haagen was born in December 1996; making her 24 years of age in late-2020. What’s more, she receives birthday wishes on 11th December every year.

Thanks to her 12/11/1996 date of birth, Ari is a Sagittarius.

As for Skyler Gisondo, he also turned 24 in 2020. However, he was reportedly born 5 months earlier than Ari. On his 24th birthday, Skyler took to IG and thanked his girlfriend writing— “Thank you for making my birthday so special and for being supportive of the flow, repeatedly saying I “Kinda look like Brad Pitt from Legends of the Fall” when it is clear I look nothing like Brad Pitt from Legends of the Fall and desperately need a haircut.”

Ari Haagen Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Ari Haagen was born to her parents: Jan and Alex Haagen.

From her mother, Ari inherited ageless features. On Jan’s 60th birthday in April 2020, she shared side-by-side photos of Jan when she 45 and 60. She captioned the post with the words— “45 in the first pic, 60 in the last. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y to my mama who doesn’t age”.


Ari with her mother, Jan (Source: Instagram)

Ari is also close with her father. On 2015 Father’s Day, she left a sweet message for Alex on Instagram. It read— “Happy Dad Day! Also thanks for letting me cut my own hair… 😟✂️”

Both Jan and Alex are friends with Ari on Facebook. So is Adam Haagen, Ari’s brother and perhaps, her only known sibling.

The oldest of the Haagen siblings, Adam appears to be a musician. Also, he is a resident of Los Angeles, California. Both he and Ari hailed from the city of angels.

On her Facebook, Ari listed Jamie Francis and Samantha Marker as her cousins. Her other known family member is Sybil Haagen who, according to her Instagram, is a mother of three.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Ari Haagen measures under 5 feet 3 inches in height. As such, she stands only 2 inches taller than Skyler Gisondo who is 5’5”.

A natural brunette, Ari changed her hair to blonde in 2018. Admittedly, her parents “were just as surprised”.

Ari’s measurements are reportedly 36-24-35 inches measurements. Her weight, on the other hand, should be under 55 kg.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Ari had 494 friends on Facebook until 4th April 2021. Interestingly, she didn’t get on the platform as much as her friends would prefer.

What’s more, Ari enjoyed 12.8 thousand followers on Instagram. On the photo-sharing app, she had more than 725 posts.

Unfortunately, Ari didn’t appear to be on Twitter and TikTok.

Ari Haagen Job, Movies, Education

As of 2021, there wasn’t an IMDB profile dedicated to listing movies starring Ari Haagen. Eventually, she isn’t an actress.

In 2015, Ari graduated from the Windward School located in Los Angeles, California.

Ari later attended the University of Southern California. She graduated from the same in 2019. Even Skyler Gisondo attended her graduation ceremony.

Ari Haagen And Skyler Gisondo: Dating, Engaged, Wedding

Reportedly, Ari Haagen met Skyler Gisondo during their time at the University of Southern California.

Ari and Skyler officially began dating in July 2018. On their 1st anniversary, Skyler took to Instagram and wrote— “One year around the sun. I’ve learned so much from you already. My goal in Year Two is for you to teach me how you keep your eyes open to a normal human size while smiling. Happy anniversary honey.”

Returning the favor a year later via Instagram, Ari wrote— “Two years with my best friend in the world. I adore you 🤍”

As of March 2021, neither Ari nor Skyler had spoken about their plans to tie the knot. The couple also was yet to reveal if they were getting engaged anytime soon.

Although Ari and Skyler hadn’t talked about growing their family until 2021, the couple already adopted a cat named Chicken. Chicken has a profile on Instagram.

Ari Haagen: Who Is She?

To conclude this piece, Ari Haagen is a Californian beauty who one day might become Skyler Gisondo’s wife. In her 20s (as of 2021), she is a graduate of Windward School and USC. Thanks to her relationship with Skyler, Ari gained a following on Instagram.

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