In case you don’t know, the 1999 film The Murder of Stephen Lawrence got a reprise in 2021 titled Stephen, and Hugh Quarshie, who portrayed the role of Stephen’s father Neville Lawrence back in 1999 was again cast for the same role in its remake.

Meet Annika Sundström, popular as the wife of Stephen star, Hugh Quarshie. Learn more about the life of Hugh Quarshie’s wife over this Annika Sundström Wikipedia.

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Annika Sundström Age

Annika Sundström was born in 1965, as reported. That would make her 56 years of age in 2021 when Stephen premiered.

Also, if the report is true, Annika would be 10 years younger than her husband Hugh Quarshie who was born on December 22, 1954.

Information on her birthday wasn’t revealed.

Annika Sundström Nationality: Where Is She From?

Annika Sundström hails from Visby, a town on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. So, she is of Swedish nationality.

However, as of 2021, Annika resided in London, United Kingdom. She has come a long way from her hometown to marry the man who is Accra, Ghana-born.

Diggle around a little about her family, we found that Annika is the daughter of Siv Sundström, a Västergarn, Gotlands Län, Sweden native. Her mother, Siv is a Stockholms Samgymnasium graduated who went on to work at Är pensionär. As of 2021, she lived in Visby, where Annika was born.

Also, Annika has a brother named Thomas Sundström worked as a teaterchef at Länsteatern på Gotland theater. He is a Säveskolan Visby gradute who joined Kulturama as “Dramalärare” stargit after college. Also, he previously worked for Gotland Region.

Talking about Annika’s parents-in-law, they were Emma Wilhelmina and Richard Quarshie. Unfortunately, both of them have long passed away — Emma (at the age of 87 in 2004), and Richard (at the age of 93 in 2006).

Trivia: Annika is fluent in Swedish, English, and German language.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Annika Sundström wasn’t much of a social media person. As of August 2021, she didn’t have an Instagram account, and rarely updated her Facebook @annika.sundstrom.758.

Also, Annika’s Twitter @q_sundstrom then had 4 followers.

Her Height

Annika Sundström stands tall at a height above 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm)

Mentioning her distinct features, Annika has blond hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful smile.

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Annika Sundström Job

Annika Sundström is a Pilates teacher. She has been teaching Pilates in Golders Green and Mandaville place, London for over 2 decades. According to her, Pilates is a form of exercise that strengthens the core muscles of the body, improves flexibility and posture, and heightens body awareness.

But her specialty was to help pregnant women achieve body tone during and after pregnancy, and relieve stress and tension through Pilates. She even released an exercise DVD to provide “gentle pre-and post-natal programs for the pregnant woman.” It cost £13.99.

By 2021, Annika garnered a net worth of under $1 million. Just in case you are curious, an average Pilates instructor in London earned around $67 thousand per annum.

Before becoming a Pilates instructor, Annika shared that she worked as one of the “cats” at Starlight Express Bochum.

In light of her education, Annika graduated from Save skolan Visby Sweden in 1983 and went on to join Dans Akademien in Stockholm. She graduated from there in 1987.

Annika Sundström And Hugh Quarshie: Wedding, Kids

Annika Sundström and Hugh Quarshie are married for a very long time. They have cherished a long and happy married life ever since they got bound in wedlock. They have gone from being friends to being-in-relationship to celebrating their wedding (information about which wasn’t shared).

The couple shares two kids named Freya and Caspar, who both took their parents’ surnames i.e Sundström Quarshie.

On Freya’s 25th birthday (i.e. on 11 September 2020), Annika took it to her FB to share that Freya’ was “beautiful, smart and gracious”, and she was ready to “embarrass (her) by gushing about it on FB.”

She added, “But I have to, cause my mum heart just swells with love when I look at the great young woman you have grown up to be. You make the world a better place. Grattis älskling!”

Freya graduated from college in July 2018.

Find Freya and Caspar over Facebook at @caspar.sundstrom, and @freya.squarshie, respectively.

Apart from these two, Annika also has a stepdaughter named Maya Quarshie Sapieka, born from Hugh’s previous relationship in 1990. She previously lived in South Africa, but later moved to the UK and was on good terms with her step-siblings and mother.

Maya’s FB profile is @maya.q.sapieka.

Little info about Hugh Quarshie: He emigrated with his family to the United Kingdom at the age of 3. Then he briefly pondered pursuing journalism as a career, but the actor in him eventually pushed him to become a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Finally, in 1986, he got his big break as “Sunda Kastagir” in the movie Highlander, and since then he has acted in over 50 films and TV shows.

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