A chance to competing on The Ultimate Surfer is every up-and-coming surfer’s dream come true.

Malia Ward is among such compelling surfer contestants on the epic new series on ABC that premiered on 23 August 2021, starring world surf league champion Kelly Slater as a special correspondent.

And this Malia Ward Wiki is a collection of her dad, mom, boyfriend, height, and age-related stories.

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Malia Ward On The Ultimate Surfer

The Ultimate Surfer gathered some of the world’s most compelling surfers to live and train together as they battle it out on the consistent and perfect waves created at the Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California. Malia is one of them and just like the other participants, she hopes to win the prize, i.e, an opportunity to compete on the WSL Championship Tour, the pinnacle of professional surfing.

And also because Malia considers Kelly Slater as her inspiration, there is one more reason she should be excited about her The Ultimate Surfer stint.

Malia Ward Age

Celebrating her birthday every year on 20th September, Malia Ward reached the age of 23 in 2020. Also, so you know, her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Her Height

Malia Ward, a self-proclaimed pro surfer and brand ambassador for surf culture, health, and fitness, stands below the height of 5’7” or 1.70 meters.

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Malia Ward Dad

Malia Ward’s dad is a surfing pro, Chris Ward. Chris and his band of local surfers, with the moniker of “Lost Crew”, were known for their antics on land as well as their moves on the water.

At seventeen, Chris was an accomplished pro surfer, making enough money to support his family.

Malia was born when her dad and mom were 19 and 17, respectively, with the two on the verge of their own skyrocketing careers.

Although many then questioned whether it was a good idea for Chris to become a father Chris, meanwhile had looked at it as a positive thing.

Growing up, the father was not around a lot because he was usually traveling for surf tours, but when the two did spend time together, they had the best of times.

Chris has expressed he never really pushed Malia to surf, but he made sure to show her the water from a young age. But as she has found her way with the ocean and surfing on her own terms, Chris is naturally very delighted.

Chris, known for some bad reputations, was behind bars in 2016 after he was proven a wife-beater.

Chris’s wife Michele had uploaded a photo of herself, swollen and bruised, to Chris’s Instagram with the caption “I’m a professional athlete. I love my wife. But I spread lies about her. So here’s the truth. This is how I love. Truth is here.”

Be that the case, Malia’s dad and his wife had reunited sometime later.

Malia Ward Mom

So, Malia’s mom Jacqueline Miller, a professional fitness model, is no longer together with her dad.

Around 2016, a ‘Surfing’ related page on Facebook, reported that Malia and her mom were leading a truly fabulous existence after parting ways with Chris Ward. That, the mother-daughter duo were living in a five-storied house with a private beach in Corona Del Mar, California.

Growing up, Malia has been her mom’s BFF’s spending their time traveling in style in private jets, limos, and all.

You may catch Malia’s mom on her Instagram @jacquelinemiller_ where she had 37.7K followers until 31 August 2021.

Malia says, “Rain or shine” she will follow her mom anywhere.

More than a mother and daughter, the two appear a lookalike pair of a younger and older sister.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Also, as of the date, Malia Ward had 89.K followers on her Instagram @malia_ward.

Malia gathered 769 followers on her Twitter @malia_ward.

Then, Malia also had two separate ‘Malia Ward’ Facebook accounts, of which the athlete page entertained 147K followers.

Malia Ward Net Worth

Malia Ward, who is also into longboard skate dancing, playing tennis, acting, and editing her own content, had above $300K net worth as of August in 2021.

Her parents made sure to stress the importance of education as much as any sporting achievement.

So, graduating high school, Malia enrolled at the University of Southern California where she studied Communications (until 2020). Naturally, she was a member of the USC Surf Team but also was a valued member of the entrepreneurship minor program.

All along with surfing and studying, Malia also pursued commercial and theatrical acting stints, played tennis, and DJ’ed on the side.

Malia Ward Boyfriend

One could not tell with certainty if Malia Ward had a boyfriend as of August 2021.

The California dweller, however, did label Cоnrad Carr, her seeming boyfriend, back in 2017. They seemed to act in Love cuddles with Conrad in Noah Cyrus’s new music video.

So, Malia likely dated Conrad who entertained 47K followers on his Instagram @conradjackcarr.

But the social media had no such evidence of them being together even today.

More Facts

  • In 2016, Malia had turned snide comments about the $100 contest win into donations to a homeless shelter.
  • Malia would love to visit Hossegor in Biarritz, France someday.
  • If Malia could eat only 3 foods for the rest of her life, she would choose Japanese food, Tahitian food, and Thai food.
  • IMBD also credits Malia for playing Michelle in 2016’s Code Blue: A Love Story.

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