Aryanna Sierra soared to fame appearing in the Discovery+ reality show, Love in Paradise. The show explored the aftermath of her romance in Jamaica with her partner Sherlon Mcinnis. The hot romance brought a kid into their life and they tried to figure out the parenting, marriage, and other visa issues.

Scroll down this Aryan Sierra Wiki where we discuss her parents, age, net worth, and height.

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Aryanna Sierra Age, Birthday

Aryanna Sierra was 25 years old as of this writing. However, she hasn’t shared any details on her birthday and zodiac.

Aryanna Sierra Parents, Siblings

Aryanna Sierra was born in the United States to her parents: her father Jeff Carper and her mother Karen Carper Jiris.

Her father, Jeff hailed from Quincy, Illinois, and attended Qunicy Senior High School. Furthermore, he attended Illinois State University where he studied education. Moreover, he earned his master’s degree in education from William Woods University. As for his job, Jeff is a retired teacher. Also, he was in the Navy from 1981-1985.

Talking about her mother, Karen attended Illinois State University where she studied education. She worked as a 7-12 grade principal at Liberty High School. Moreover, she served as a principal at Brown County Community Unit School District 1.

Talking about her family, Aryanna has two sisters.

Her Measurements, Weight Loss

Aryanna Sierra weighed 100 lbs more before she embarked on a journey to Jamaica. But after going through the weight loss, so she weighed about 91 kilograms (200 lbs). As of this writing, she flaunts her measurements of 37-28-39 inches.

Aryanna Sierra Height

Aryanna Sierra stands tall at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters).

Her Instagram, Facebook

Aryanna Sierra is on Instagram where she goes by the name (@aryanna.sierra). Until 22nd July 2021, she posted a total of 69 snaps on her platform. So, one can tell she is not that big on social media. She can also be discovered on Facebook where she goes by the name Aryanna Carper.

She hasn’t posted much on the platform.

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Aryanna Sierra Net Worth, Job

Aryanna Sierra attended Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She graduated from college in May of 2021. But, there exists no information on her job. And maybe it was one of the reasons that got her insecure about having a kid as a single mother.

Aryanna Sierra And Sherlon Mcinnis: Love In Paradise, Still Together?

The story between Aryanna Sierra and Sherlon Mcinnis began when she went for a vacation in Jamaica with her family. There, she met Sherlon, a tall Jamaican man. Sherlon caught her eye while working on the tourist boat, and she and her sister took the tour. They were inseparable for the next two days of her stay.

Sherlon and Aryanna spent a night together and had unprotected sex which resulted in Aryanna’s pregnancy.

While they were shooting the show, Aryanna was already six months pregnant. But, the problem arose in their relationship when Sherlon shared that, he shouldn’t be forced to get married just because he has a kid with an anonymous woman.


Sherlon and Aryanna together when they were together in Jamaica (Pic: monster and critics)

But, Aryanna freaked out because she was young and couldn’t raise a child on her own. She wanted to have that kid with Sherlon. So, Aryanna tried her best to convince her baby father to move to the states and get married and start a family. She hoped that he would come on a K-1 visa.

Now, the rest of the stories filled with drama unfolded in the Love in Paradise TV show. The show premiered on Discovery+ and three new couples appear on the show along with them. While Aryanna dealt with an unexpected pregnancy to spice up their story, others faced jealousy and struggle with sobriety.

But the question remains, are they still together? Their respective social media didn’t share much regarding their relationship as of July 2021. But, they have welcomed their son in February of 2021.

Based on a few hints on the post related to his son, we believe Aryanna was able to convince Sherlon to move to the states.

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