Adele Thibodeaux has a very loyal group of fans who showed great support for her music for a very long time. And, when they came out as gay (was straight before) fans reciprocated the same support to her. ( Not only that, but they also introduced her partner Adele Thibodeaux, individual fans long-suspected to be their partner.

Scroll down this Adele Thibodeaux bio to learn more about Angel Olsen’s partner.

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Adele Thibodeaux Age

Adele Thibodeaux celebrated their birthday on 29 June 2020 when they turned 27 years old. Based on that, they owned Cancer as their zodiac sign.

Adele Thibodeaux Family

Adele Thibodeaux was born in her hometown of New Orleans, the United States. Even though her parents played a significant role in her upbringing, they thought it was best not to share any details on her father and her mother.

However, one member of her family is featured on her social media. It was their younger sister Ella. In 2019, on Ella’s 12th birthday, Adele wished her a happy birthday.

Adele also appears to be very close to their cousin Alivia Dodge. They have been featured on her social a couple of times.

Her Height

Talking about Adele’s physical attributes, they stand tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). Whereas, they weighed about 53 kilograms (116 lbs).

Talking about some of the distinct features, Adele inked multiple tattoos on their body and they flaunt it on IG. On their left hand, they inked the word ‘DAUGHTER’. Whereas, their arm had few small figures and a few other words.

One other tattoo that was featured on their IG was of a human-like figure dressed in black and white patterned clothes with a hat. It had short hair, had one hand raised in the air while the other one on its waist.

They captioned the post with,

“My beau, I’m gay”

On the same snap, Adele tagged @earl_had_to_die.

Is She On Instagram And Twitter?

Coming to their social media reach, Adele was on both Instagram and Twitter. However, they spent very little time on both of the platforms.

Moreover, Adele’s Instagram account was followed by 6063 people who knew her. But, they only posted 59 times on the platform as of 2021. In the same way, their Twitter account garnered 23 followers in total.

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Adele Thibodeaux Job

Adele Thibodeaux is a writer and model. Also, she worked as a waitress.

Starting with education, Adele attended high school in Texas. However, they never bothered to spare details about the high school they attended. But from New Orleans to Texas then to New York, it was all because of her career choice.

Adele came to the ‘city that never sleeps’ to attend the theatre. Plus, they always wanted to live in New York. But, they quitted pursuing acting, and as they told,

“…and I used to act at the time, so I came here to do theater, and I ended up completely denouncing it as a vain profession, and freaking out.”

But instead, Adele started writing. They mostly focused on a fictional work that resonated with her Southern upbringing. By 2017, they were working on southern stories about a person who worked in a cafe.

Every now and then Adele struggled with writer’s block but had a clear idea about what they wanted to create. Based on her LinkedIn page, they wrote High Maintenance which was adapted as an episode named Voir Dire for a TV show High Maintenance.

Besides writing, Adele also has a background in soccer. They were tagged in a post of @dykesoccer in May of 2019.

Even after quitting, Adele was very much interested in front of the camera. They received credit for few modeling gigs for a bag brand named Kara. They also appeared alongside Sarah Jane Spellings for New York Magazine.

Before all of the thriving careers that earned her international recognition, They worked as a breakfast waitress trying to support her dreams.

Adele Thibodeaux And Angel Olsen’s Relationship

Adele Thibodeaux and Angel Olsen appeared together a few times before their relationship went public in April 2021. But when they celebrated valentine’s day together, fans started suspecting they might actually be dating each other.

On February 14 of 2021, Adele went on her Instagram with a post where they wrote,

“Happy valens !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Whereas, Angel Olsen also wrote a post with a caption,

“Happy Valentine’s to you and yours ♥️🍭”


Adele and Angel together on valentine’s day 2021 (Pic: Adele’s Instagram)

In April 2021, the Lark hitmaker came out as gay and they had her fans by her side showing utmost support. Then, they confirmed her relationship with Adele Thibodeaux with a post containing series of photographs.

As for fans, they left heartwarming messages on the comment sections and also showed support to her music.

More about Angel: She hailed from St. Louis, Missouri, and moved to Chicago in 2006 to pursue her music career. Also, she released her fifth studio album All Mirrors in October of 2019.

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