The current (i.e. third) season of 90 Days Fiance: The Other Way introduced a new couple named Victor McLean and Ellie Rose in the show.

In the standard version of the show, an American and a foreigner fall in love and they move to the US together on a K-1 visa. The visa is exclusively granted to the fiances of US citizens. According to the mandate of the K-1 visa, the couple has 90 Days to marry each other (or break up).

As the show premise goes, in 90 Days Fiance: The Other Way the American partners move to a foreign country to be together. However, the distance that brings the emotional turmoil of one partner remains the same. The constant back and forth is the same. And of course, trust issues are the same, and the drama is the same.

This particular article is based on the life of Victor McLean from 90 Days Fiance: The Other Way. From larger things in his life like his relationship with Ellie, his family, his job, to his age, height, etc., we attempt to cover it all on the show.

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Victor McLean Age

Victor McLean was 38 years of age, according to the reports on the cast members of the new season of 90 Days Fiance: The Other Way, as of August 2021. He stayed mum about his current birthday. Hence, his zodiac sign is also yet to be known.

His Family, Nationality

Hailing from Columbia, Victor McLean belonged to a small island called Providencia. This makes him of Columbian nationality. Speaking of his family, Victor once mentioned something about coming from a musical family. Besides that, we know nothing about Victor’s family.

The upcoming episodes of 90 Days Fiance: The Other Way may provide a little information so readers need to tune into that.

Victor McLean Height

A tall handsome guy, Victor McLean stood at a height of 6 ft 2 inches or 1.87 meters. His other distinct features include dark dashing dreadlocks and brown eyes.

His Instagram, Facebook

Victor McLean was present on Instagram as (@victa_baba). But, he maintained privacy about his life by keeping it private. The platform contained 29 posts and 262 followers.

Upon searching for a profile we discovered a Facebook profile with the name Victor Alfonso Melgarejo Mclean. Same as Victor, he also lived in San Andres and Providencia, Colombia. But it was hard to confirm if it was the same Victor Mclean.

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Victor McLean Job, Net Worth

According to the same unconfirmed Facebook profile, it held the information that Victor McLean worked at San Andres Island. The job which he did in San Andres Island was not mentioned. Victor worked as a bartender coming from other sources.

We also discovered that Victor was a musician and had released multiple music CDs. He has several recorded songs, some of his own and others are the ones he covered. Apparently, Victor couldn’t afford to “pay the bills as a musician” and so we assumed he took the job of the bartender on the side to support himself.

The same Facebook also stated that Victor went to SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje). The higher education Institute in Colombia gave vocational training for the students. He completed his high school education at Instituto Bolivariano.

As of August 2021, Victor McLean’s net worth shouldn’t be more than $100 thousand.

Victor McLean And Ellie Rose: Relationship, Still Together?

Victor is in a relationship with an American woman called Ellie Rose, as mentioned above. Ellie was on a trip to South America, and that’s when they met each other for the first time a few years ago. They were smitten with each other instantaneously.

Because of the budding relationship, Ellie extended her stay in Colombia by two weeks just to be with Victor.

When it was time to separate, they decided to remain in a long-distance relationship. They kept the relationship going for over two years. Eventually, the distance proved to be too much and their love too strong.

Ellie was running her pizzeria business in Seattle, United States. In order to move to Colombia to be with Victor, she shut down her business.

When Hurricane Iota hit Providencia, Colombia, and wreaked havoc on the island’s infrastructure in November 2020, Ellie lost her communication with Victor for days. The incident was too much for her so, she left Seattle and came to Providencia to find Victor.

Ellie ran a GoFundMe campaign to help the victims. The hurricane did not claim too many lives, for which Ellie and everyone was grateful. But the infrastructural damage of the island was still considerable.

In between love and care, occasionally rifts is inevitable like any other couple in the world. Ellie took notice of Victor’s condescending nature. And she found it hard to accept having to leave a successful business in Seattle to be with him, which Victor did not seem to have taken well.

One clip in the show also exists where Victor made a “hurtful comment about the money Ellie sent him”.

But Starcasm noted, the couple might actually be still together. A “close friend of Ellie’s” uploaded a photo with Ellie and Victor attending the said close friend’s wedding. We cannot really outright confirm this.

Catch up on the shows to watch the rest of the season of 90 Days Fiance: The Other Way to find out what happens to their relationship in the end.

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