TJ Ducklo faced suspension for the remarks he made against a female Politico journalist during an interview. He got offensive when asked about his relationship with another female journalist.

However, TJ made a statement publicly where he apologized for his remarks and expressed his regrets for embarrassing his colleagues. So, his relationship and dating life have been searched for following the statement.

Scroll down to learn more about TJ Ducklo.

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TJ Ducklo Resigns

TJ Ducklo, who issued a sexist and profane threat to a female journalist, robbed him of his job as Joe Biden’s deputy press secretary. As the incident unfolded, he lost his cool when he was asked about his relationship with another reporter.

Following the incident, TJ stated that he was devastated by embarrassing and devastating his White House colleagues and also President Joe Biden. He further shared his regrets and apologized for saying things no woman should hear from anyone.

Initially, TJ was suspended for a week without pay after a report made headlines in Vanity Fair pointing out his sexist threats against a female Journalist.

How Old Is He?

TJ Ducklo was born on 22 September 1988. He turned 32 years old while celebrating his birthday in September 2020. Based on that information, TJ secured Virgo as her zodiac sign.

TJ Ducklo Parents, Religion

Tyler Joseph Ducklo was born to his father Tommy Ducklo and his mother Beth Ducklo in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, the United States. While his father owned Ducklo Eyecare, his mother served the community as a teacher. TJ’s parents played a huge role to raise him right and have always credited their contribution in several interviews.

More on his family: TJ Ducklo also has a sister named Kayla R Ducklo. Unlike her parents, no further details on her sister surfaced as of this writing.

TJ Ducklo Health, Height

Standing only a few inches taller than his girlfriend Alexi McCammond, TJ Ducklo measures tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). Likewise, he weighed about 78 kilograms (171 lbs).

Also, TJ Ducklo caught people’s attention when he announced having a health problem in December of 2019. TJ revealed he suffered from stage four lung cancer. When he started showing a few symptoms such as cough, night sweats, weight loss, and sustained fatigue, cancer had already affected his liver, gallbladder, and bones.

However, Tyler underwent a treatment procedure and the tumor has shrunk ever since. President Joe Biden also sent words of support to TJ through Twitter. As a man who has first-hand knowledge of what it is like to lose someone to cancer, he motivated him to stay strong.

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Is He On Instagram?

Yes, TJ Ducklo is on various social media platforms. Since the number speaks for itself, his Instagram account garnered 1717 followers which is comparatively lower than what he has on Twitter. In fact, his Twitter account earned 74k followers as of this writing.

However, there are no details on his Facebook profile.

TJ Ducklo Net Worth

Reportedly, TJ Ducklo earned a total net worth of $850 thousand from his career in communications.

TJ Ducklo attended the University School of Nashville in 1999. He graduated from the same in 2007. Following graduation, TJ Ducklo enrolled at George Washington University where he studied Political Communication. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA degree.

While in the university, he served as a campaign volunteer for Karl Dean for his run as a Nashville Mayor. Plus, he joined The Fritts Group in January of 2009 as an intern. Five months after completing his internship, he joined the Tennesse Association of Broadcasters as an intern that lasted for another five months ending in September of 2009.

From August of 2010 to June of 2011, TJ also served as a research/staff assistant for The office of Mary Matalin and James Carville. After four months in the office, he joined Bracewell LLP as a communication assistant. During the job, he supported three communications professionals in the energy, environment, and consumer product safety industries.

Starting September of 2011 TJ Ducklo started as a press assistant. He worked in the position for one and a half years. He later became deputy director for corporate communications and his service ended in July of 2014 for Motion Picture Association of America.

TJ also worked for Washington 2024 as a communications lead & advisor to the chairman, joined Viacom as a senior manager in corporate communications, and communications director in Bloomberg politics.

The Nashville-native also founded TJD Communications, Inc. Furthermore, he worked as a producer/communications for The Circus: Inside The Biggest Story on Earth up until February of 2018. He also did one year’s worth of gig in television joining NBC News as senior communications director.

From April of 2019, TJ Ducklo contributed to Biden for President campaign as a National Press Secretary.

Is TJ Ducklo Married?

As of February 2021, TJ Ducklo wasn’t married to Alexi McCammond yet.

TJ Ducklo met his girlfriend Alexi McCammond while she was covering Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. At the time TJ was working as Joe’s press secretary. After a brief introduction to one another, Alexi and TJ started dating each other.

Within a short period of dating each other, the pair grew more liking to one another and realized they were made for each other. But, both of them knew they had to share the big news with their bosses. (Valium) This led to Alexi withdrawn from Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Alexi started covering progressive lawmakers in Congress, progressive across the U.S. as well as VP Kamala Harris.

TJ Ducklo and Alexi McCammond anticipated all the ruckus that their relationship would bring. Still, they didn’t let the haters get in the way of their happiness. In fact, Alexi supported him through his battle with cancer.

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