Just a few weeks ahead of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 coming to an end and everyone was wondering which contestants’ relationships made it through to the end and which ones lasted beyond the competition?

So, let’s have a look at if Tammy Ly is among the lucky ones taking home a plus one from the reality game show.

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Tammy Ly And Thomas Jacobs: Bachelor In Paradise, Still Dating?

At the beginning of season 7 of Bachelor In Paradise, it seemed like Tammy Ly’s and fellow contestant Aaron Clancy, as a couple, could last through the final rose ceremony.

But the bond survived into the second episode as Tammy connected with contestant Thomas Jacobs, a Bachelor Nation villain. Tammy had even kissed the real estate broker ahead of the second rose ceremony.

Then, episode 7, which aired on 7 Sept. 2021, showed Tammy and Thomas still together.

But the former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin’s eventual arrival on the season and attending a VIP party with Thomas (that Tammy was not invited to) suggested at the time that Tammy’s connection with Thomas is at risk.

Becca even respectfully told Tammy that she was interested in pursuing a relationship with Thomas. This had brought Tammy to tears.

That been said, there were still more episodes of Season 7 to come. But Reality Steve already had dished Becca and Thomas are set to break up before the season finale. While some other insider was confident the pair got back together post-show and are currently in a relationship.

Tammy Ly On The Bachelor

As for Tammy, she hinted in a recent interview with Extra that something could happen between her and Aaron in the finale. In a response to a question about the current state of her and Aaron’s relationship, she had said:

“Maybe we will reconcile. Get back together. Maybe we broke up. Maybe I’m a now a mortal enemy. I don’t know.”

Tammy and Aaron were recently seen at the premiere of ABC’s The Ultimate Surfer post-filming Bachelor in Paradise. Although they were never photographed directly next to each other.

That been said, Tammy also was a contestant on the 24th season of The Bachelor and was eliminated in week 6.

Her Age, Birthday

Tammy, with the full name Tammy Kay Ly, celebrates her birthday on June 17th. So, in 2021, she reached the age of 26.

Tammy Ly Parents

Tammy Ly claims to be a self-made woman. She owns up to being a creator of her now incredible life that contradicts her tumultuous upbringing in Syracuse, New York.

In an exclusive interview with, Tammy revealed details of challenging adolescence marked by her parents’ divorce and consequent neglect.

“I was sleeping on the floor next to rats… didn’t have any food. I was basically homeless.”

Tammy shared that her mom neglected her, and her dad resented her. She said the patriarch did not tell her until she was 18 that he was not her real dad.

So, determined that this was not going to be her story, the then resilient teen took many jobs at once to provide for herself and her younger sisters Kathy and Jenn Ly.

Fast forward to today, and Tammy is past those days and does not hold grudges against her parents.

Now, Tammy shared, she and her dad are business partners. He helps her flip houses while her mom moves around, and takes care of her a lot. “Both my parents are narcissists, but I love them,” added Tammy who believes that her struggles have made her a stronger person.

Tammy’s comes from a family that immigrated over to Syracuse during the Vietnam War.

Tammy Ly Height

Tammy Ly, with a good-looking athlete-like physique, stands under 5’8” or 1.8 meters.

When in high school, she tried to join the boys wrestling team but was turned away.

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Has Tammy Ly Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Tammy Ly, who considers herself a tomboy and does not relate well to the “blonde Barbie” types, has not yet commented on plastic surgery rumors.

Her Social Media Reach

Until 9 September 2021, Tammy Ly had 117K followers on her Instagram @tammykayly.

Meanwhile, Tammy enjoyed 12.9K followers on her Twitter @whoistammykay after she joined in Jan. 2020.

Tammy entertained 45.1K followers and 1.6M likes on her TikTok @tammykayly and 1.3K followers on her clubhouse @tammykayly.

Likewise, Tammy had 714 subscribers on her ‘Tammy Kay Ly’ YouTube channel.

One may also find Tammy on her Facebook @tammykly and Cameo account.

Tammy Ly Net Worth

Tammy Ly, a self-proclaimed “multi-million dollar agent” had above an estimated $600K net worth before September 2021.

She has several other identities other than being called a stand-out star on The Bachelor. Tammy is a real estate agent, real estate investor, house flipper, insurance agent, model, actress, and part-time bartender.

Tammy studied Business, Management, and Marketing for her bachelor’s at State University of New York College from 2017 – 2019.

From 2013 – 2015, Tammy went to Onondaga Community College for her Associate’s degree in Business Administration and Management.

Also, most recently, Tammy got her New York State Commercial Lines Insurance license. In 2018, she was offered New York State Real Estate Salesperson License.

More about Tammy

  • Tammy had not told her mom that she was going to be on The Bachelor.
  • Tammy’s ideal in a boyfriend is the type of guy who can give her the work-life balance she needs.

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