Think of all the years we’ve spent watching Grand Designs, and past all adventures, its presenter Kevin McCloud has never failed to entertain us with his amazing architects. But how much do you know about his private life; especially about his girlfriend Jenny Jones and his first wife Suzanna McCloud?

Well, you’re in for a treat if his love life is still a mystery to you.

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Who Is Kevin McCloud Girlfriend Jenny Jones?

It was June 2021, when Kevin McCloud was first spotted with his girlfriend Jenny Jones out on a romantic stroll, visiting some shops in Somerset (near where he lived then).

According to The Sun, “They looked very comfortable together and seem very much a couple.”

This would be his first romance in four years after Kevin separated from his ex-wife Suzanna in 2017.

Although not much was know about Kevin McCloud’s girlfriend, it was shared that Jenny is a wealthy businesswoman.


Kevin McCloud’s girlfriend, Jenny Jones (Source: The Sun)

Who Is Kevin McCloud First Wife Suzanna McCloud?

Kevin McCloud’s first wife Suzanna McCloud is an interior designer who went by the name Zani. Like Kevin, she was a designing freak. The two even shared a lavish marital home in Somerset before they split in 2017. 

However, the duo only announced the news in December 2019. 

One of Suzanna’s friends shared that Suzanna was “absolutely devastated” after Kevin suddenly packed up and left.

Also, shedding light on the divorce, Kevin’s spokesman confirmed that the couple has separated, and they won’t be “making any further comment.’

Kevin and Suzanna shared 23 years of marriage.

How Many Children Does Kevin McCloud Have?

Kevin McCloud has a total of four children — two with his first wife Suzanna McCloud, and two from his previous relationship. Namely: Hugo, Milo, Grace, and Elsie.

His son, Hugo followed in his dad’s footsteps and worked as an architect. 

Back in 2015, Hugo joked over his IG shared a picture of Kevin, captioned, “That feeling when you step on the tube after a few beers and dad is looking at you all disapproving with his arms crossed.”

Not much was know about Kevin’s other kids, except for the fact that Milo was a keen skier.

As of 2021, Grace, Milo, and Elsie were 31, 23, and 18 respectively.

Kevin McCloud Net Worth

Kevin McCloud garnered a net worth of under $4.1 million (approx £3 million) by 2021. Thanks to his decades of hard work in television as well as his related property investments, Kevin now is one of the wealthiest people in the industry.

Talking about his jobs adventures, Kevin has worked as a writer for shows like Grand Designs Indoors (2001), Kevin McCloud: Slumming It (2010), Grand Designs: House of the Year (2015), Kevin McCloud’s Rough Guide to the Future (2020), and Grand Designs (2021).

Also, Kevin is the founder of an architectural company called MCC3 Ltd.

Apart from this, Kevin has written many books including Kevin McCloud’s Decorating Book.

Trivia: Kevin’s first job was as a paperboy at the age of 11. It paid $10 a week.

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Is Kevin McCloud A Qualified Architect?

Yes, Kevin McCloud is a qualified architect. In fact, he is one the best you can find in the architecture industry. 

Kevin has a double major in art and architecture from Cambridge University-Corpus Christi College. However, he described his education as “chaotic” and has spent time living and working in many other countries.

In his honor, Kevin was awarded an MBE in 2014 for his work in sustainability. Later, he also won the BAFTA award for Grand Designs.

How Many Languages Does Kevin McCloud Speak?

Kevin McCloud is fluent in four languages — English, French, Italian, and German. However, he admits that his Italian accent is much better, except when he sings.

If you don’t know about his singing career, Kevin has trained as an opera singer in Italy. He even worked as a  theatre designer before setting up his own lighting design practice.

How Tall Is He?

Kevin McCloud stands tall at a height of 6 feet  2 ½ inches (189 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Kevin has blue eyes, a reduced hairline, and a beautiful smile.

His Parents, Siblings

Kevin McCloud recalled his parents to be “ambitious”. He shared, “there was a sense after the war in the Fifties that, if you tried, you could make a life that was completely separate and distinct from anything you had experienced and anything your parents had experienced.”

But they weren’t that strict. Kevin believes that it might have been because of the rigors of the religion when they left the rural seaside Yorkshire town they’d grown up in.

His father’s name is Donald McCloud

As for Kevin’s siblings, he has two brothers.

How Old Is He?

Kevin McCloud was born on May 8, 1959. That made him 62 years of age in 2021.

Corresponding to his birthday, Kevin is of the Taurus zodiac.

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