Styn [musician] grew into prominence as the one half of the Hip-Hop duo “Mae Seven.” When his rumored romance with Keke Palmer got revealed, he became a household name.

Get familiar with Styn’s biography and Wiki by tagging along. Read till the end and discover everything about him including his family background, songs, and dating history with Keke Palmer.

Bio — Ethnicity, Age, Nationality

Concerning ethnicity, Styn flaunts the features of a Caucasian man. Many might not know but he is from overseas. Born and raised in a small town in the Netherlands, Styn is Dutch by nationality.

Other than the fact that he and brother Winter inherited their father’s love for classic rock music, little else remained known about Styn’s biological parents. Nevermind his educational background, the rising musician’s full name eluded the public realm.

Because his birthday and date of birth weren’t revealed, interested fans were left to guess the Dutch sensation’s age. Going by apperance, Styn looked no older than 28 years of age.

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Styn [Musician] Wiki — Music, Height, Net Worth

Together with brother Winter, Styn started the group “Mae Seven.” While Winter took care of instrumentals, he sang, rapped, and wrote their music. Under the tutelage of vocal coach Dionne Osborne, he improved his musicianship.

Around 2016, Mae Seven dropped their first single “Who to Believe.” Two years later, the siblings-turned-musical group gained national recognition after the video for “Stay” garnered national airtime.

Looking for a global takeover, Styn and Winter relocated to Brooklyn, New York, America. “Ready,” “Matador” and “Need Me” are the duo’s notable songs on Spotify.

Neither Styn nor Winter had revealed their net worth and earnings. On Instagram, the musical duo’s handle accumulated 9k followers. Meanwhile, Styn’s solo IG page had around 10k followers.

Coming to his physical apperance, Styn stands over five feet & eleven inches (180 cm) in height. He maintained around 69 kg weight.

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Styn [Musician] Dating Keke Palmer

On 15th March 2020, Keke Palmer was caught leaving flirty comments on Styn’s IG. Dating rumors swirled when the actress/host called the musician her “baby.”

Neither Styn nor rumored girlfriend Keke immediately offered to comment on their relationship. Regardless, fans of “Strahan, Sara, and Keke” host continued to ship their romance. One of the IG users even complimented him about his good looks.

Before Styn, Keke shared romantic ties with high-profile men in the industry including Quincy Brown, Elvin Jackson, and Hip-Hop artists Meek Mill and YG. The “Stay” crooner’s dating history, meanwhile, wasn’t public.

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  2. […] See Also: Styn [Musician] Wiki, Ethnicity, Keke Palmer, Bio, Age, Height […]

  3. […] Discover: Styn [Musician] Wiki, Ethnicity, Keke Palmer, Bio, Age, Height […]

  4. […] Interesting: Styn [Musician] Wiki, Ethnicity, Keke Palmer, Bio, Age, Height […]

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