Like every business across the US, the music industry also suffered setbacks because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Hip-Hop, in particular, seemed most affected by it. In a year that saw several albums push back from major artists, Stove God Cooks came out of nowhere. Many deemed his debut “Reasonable Drought” an AOTY worthy project.

Continue reading and discover Stove God Cooks related wikis including his age, height, and net worth. Furthermore, discover the rising rapper’s real name, girlfriend, and recording label.

Stove God Cooks Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to an April 2020 DJ BOOTH piece, Stove God Cooks was 27 years of age.

The US-based publication, however, didn’t reveal his birthday and zodiac.

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Stove God Cooks Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Real Name

Although Stove God Cooks never revealed his real name, everyone knew he previously went by the moniker “Aaron Cooks.”

The instant Hip-Hop fans heard Stove’s music they could tell he hailed from the East Coast. By his admission, the rapper was born and bred in Syracuse, New York.

Meanwhile, Stove deemed it best to not reveal details about her parents and siblings.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Stove God Cooks rarely shared his photos on IG. From what the fans could gather, he stood above 5 Feet 10 Inches in height.

Moreover, Stove measured above 80 kilograms at one point.

As for his distinct features, Stove sported braids.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, YouTube

Stove — as of late-July 2020 — garnered around 1.15 thousand subscribers on his eponymous YouTube channel.

Likewise, at the same time, Stove garnered around 2.8 followers on Twitter. On Instagram though, he had accumulated 14.4 thousand followers.

Also, Stove accumulated over 1 thousand followers on Soundcloud.

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Stove God Cooks Net Worth, Griselda Records, Merch

Before making a splash with “Reasonable Drought,” Stove operated with the stage name Aaron Cooks.

In 2015, Stove had burst into the scene as the protege of “Brand Nubian” rapper Lord Jamar. What’s more, he even penned a deal with Busta Rhymes “The Conglomerate.”

As a rapper on the come-up, Stove appeared on Sway In The Morning. He also secured a placement on BET Awards Cypher.

Despite the traction, Stove felt disheartened with the industry. He then decided to step aside. In his 2020 DJ Booth interview, the rapper explained:

“I fell back for a minute. It felt like nobody knew what to do with me. They didn’t understand me as an artist. [Busta] would say, ‘We need this kind of song.’ But Busta’s different than I am, and he works his records [differently] than I would.”

Stove continued:

“It felt like nobody knew what to do with me. They didn’t understand me as an artist. [Busta] would say, ‘We need this kind of song.’ But Busta’s different than I am, and he works his records [differently] than I would.”

Interestingly, Stove would feel inspired only after meeting fellow New York rapper/producer Roc Marciano. At the time, Roc was working on his latest project “Behold The Horse.”

However, it wasn’t until late-2019, during the recording of Roc’s LP “Marcielago,” Stove began working on “Reasonable Drought.”

The success of his debut LP immediately made Cook a hot commodity in Hip-Hop. The Buffalo, New York-based imprint “Griselda Records” successfully landed his signature.

With the deal, Stove God Cooks’ net worth rose above $200 thousand. Moreover, the revenue from Merch sales added to his wealth.

Stove God Cooks Girlfriend, Baby Mama, Kids

Unsurprisingly, Stove God Cooks never spoke on his girlfriend and dating endavours.

Also, as of 2020, Stove had yet to reveal his baby mama and kids — assuming they existed — to the world.

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