Steve Ford earned himself a name as a renowned contractor in Pittsburgh and a reality star on HGTV’s show Restored by the Fords. As the premise of the show goes, he and his sister Leanne Ford collaborated to renovate buildings that exposed them to the mainstream.

But despite the fame, Steve’s relationship always generated attention from all over along with other details of his life. So, scroll down to learn more about him with the help of this wiki article.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Steve Ford celebrated turning 43 years in December of 2020. He celebrates his birthday every year on 5 December, the same day as an entrepreneur Walt Disney.

Both Walt and Steve owned Sagittarius as his zodiac sign based on their date of birth.

Steve Ford Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Born to parents named Mike Ford and his wife Jackie Ford, Steve Ford hailed from Pennsylvania. Mike Ford attended Villanova University and served as an attorney in his private practice for over 35 years.

Whereas, no information surfaced on Steve’s mother, Jackie. However, the couple stayed happily married for 35 years.

Talking about siblings, Steve grew up in Upper St. Clair with his sisters, Leanne and Michelle Ford Faist. Michelle is married to Greg Faist and resides with her husband and kids in Pittsburgh.

More on Michelle: she worked in StarKist’s headquarters.

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Steve Ford Height, Without Hat

Steve Ford is a tall handsome guy who elevates at a height a little above 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters). Moreover, he weighed about 81 kilograms (178 lbs) as of the time of this writing.

As for distinct features, as most would agree, Steve Ford without a hat is a rare sight to see. He is often pictured with a baseball cap or a beanie hat. He has a receding hairline but still keeps his hair long which could be seen in HGTV’s reality show.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As for social media reach, compared to all the other social media platforms, Steve is quite popular on Instagram. As of late-2020, his verified Instagram account earned him a total of 41.7k followers in total.

Steve is also on Facebook but doesn’t post much on the platform. However, he is non-existent on Twitter as of this writing.

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Steve Ford Net Worth, HGTV, College

The Ford siblings attended a local Upper St. Clair High School and graduated from the same. Following graduation, Steve Ford joined the University of West Virginia to earn his college degree.

Steve built a diverse career working in multiple fields. While in college, he worked at a local resort named Seven Springs Mountain Resort. While there, he worked as a safety ranger on ski patrol.

Following that, Steve moved back into his hometown to remodel homes. After working briefly in the field, he moved to the West Coast to give his best shot at an acting career, along with surfing.

For almost a decade, Steve ran a surfer chic clothing boutique after he came back from Los Angeles. He is also credited for creating visual designs for American Eagle Outfitters and ModCloth, and rue21.

But not until HGTV invited him for a show, he had never teamed up with his sister Leanne Ford. Leanne who initially found success working in fashion and PR for 15 years, never thought that he and Steve would help each other out to build a career as a TV reality star.

And for Leanne, HGTV’s Restored by the Fords isn’t the first opportunity to star on a reality show. In fact, the TV network initially approached Leanne and her husband but non-cooperation from her husband led to the dismissal of the proposal.

Leanne convinced HGTV that she and her brother often collaborated on the renovation of several buildings including the one she bought, a century-old schoolhouse.

Within a year, the brother-sister duo’s skillset grew with every other project they did together.

While Steve worked as a contractor, Leanne applied her skills as an interior designer for the HGTV’s show Restored by the Fords. The show which debuted in January of 2018 earned an average of 1.7 million viewers per episode.

In 2019, the celebrity siblings published a design book titled Work in Progress.

With the income generated from a diverse career, Steve Ford is estimated to worth almost 700 thousand as of this writing.

Steve Ford Wife, Girlfriend, Married

There is very scarce information that exists regarding Steve Ford’s love life. He hasn’t talked much about his romantic life. But Steve once shared with People about dating a woman named Sara. The only detail which he cared to mention was he celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday and nothing more.

But going through his social media, one could deduce he was not in a relationship with Sara in 2020. Steve and his now-former wife prospect might’ve parted separate ways after a brief relationship.

However, fans remained unsettled not being able to see their beloved star getting married to a potential wife and having kids. Since patience is a must, and our handsome hunk attracts many women with his looks, build, and skills, he might be waiting for the one to come knocking at his doorstep.

Until then, keep up with the new episodes of the show on HGTV.

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