Meet Shelly Turin, famous as Dave Turin’s wife.

If you don’t know Dave, he first soared to fame as the star of the Discovery show “Gold Rush”. After a fight with co-star, he exited the series; only to get his spin-off titled “Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine”.

This Shelly Turin wiki delves into facts about Dave Turin’s wife including her age, job, and Facebook. Furthermore, it aims to highlight her net worth, height, and kids.

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Shelly Turin Age, Birthday, Zodiac

As of March 2021, Shelly Turin was 62 years old. Meanwhile, Dave was a year younger.

Also, Shelly was born a Pisces and celebrates her birthday on 27th February.

On her 58th birthday, Dave shared a sweet message over on Facebook. Uploading several photos of them, he wrote— “Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife. We had a great dinner on top of the US Back tower @ portland city grill. Love you, Shelly.”

Shelly Turin Maiden Name, Hometown, Family

Shelly reportedly hails from Sandy, Oregon, east of Portland. As of 2021, she still lived there with her husband, Dave Turin. So must be her siblings and parents (assuming they were still alive).

Although Shelly didn’t list her maiden name on socials, some reports claimed her middle name is Raye.

What’s more, Shelly is reportedly a registered Republican. Likewise, Christianity is her assumed religion.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Shelly reportedly stands under 5 feet 6 inches in height. Similarly, she weighed over 60 kilograms.

Talking of distinct features, Shelly has curly blonde hair. Also, she appeared remarkably young for her age.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Shelly seems to have not one but two profiles on Facebook. Combined, she had around 900 followers as of March 2021.

Interestingly, Shelly didn’t appear to have a presence on Instagram and Twitter. However, she regularly popped on David’s social media posts.

Shelly Turin Job, Net Worth, Education

Per a report by Medium, Shelly makes her living as a nurse.

From her nursing job, Shelly should pocket more than $30 thousand per year — the average annual salary of nurses based in Oregon. Dave Turin, meanwhile, has a reported net worth of $2 million.

Also, Shelly lends a hand to the business side of her husband, Dave’s operation.

Before she left for college in 1997, Shelly attended Sandy Union High School. Around 2016, she joined the Facebook page of Sandy Union High School Class of 1977.

Shelly And Dave Turin: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Shelly and Dave Turin commenced dating when they were students at Sandy Union High School.

After their wedding, Dave Turin and his wife, Shelly went to have three kids. By 2021, they had multiple grandchildren.

Because of his mining gigs, Dave stayed away from Shelly and the kids. Opening about the experience, he once said—  “All the easy gold on this planet has been discovered and recovered. The only profitable gold is in harsh, difficult places to live, so that’s where we have to go. And it’s hard on family life.”

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