Hannah Smyrnios is the sister of “Floribama Shore” hunk, Gus Smyrnios.

In March 2021, Hannah made headlines after defending Gus against his “Floribama Shore” co-star. That said, not everyone was happy with how she approached the conflict.

This Hannah Smyrnios wiki attempts to shed light on Gus Smyrnios’s sister including her age, partner, and job. Similarly, it highlights her Instagram, height, and relationship status.

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Hannah Smyrnios Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Reportedly, Hannah Smyrnios was born in 1997. Thus, as of March 2021, she was either 23.

What’s more, Hannah’s 13th May birthday makes her a Taurus.

Trivia: Hannah’s middle name is Beth.

Hannah Smyrnios Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Hannah was born to her parents: Gus and Kristin Symrnios. So were her siblings: Gus, Seth, and Leah.

Of the 4 Smyrnios siblings, Gus is the eldest. A model by trade, Gus began appearing on “Floribama Shore” in 2017. Admittedly, he left home at 17 and even experience homelessness before earning reality TV fame.

After the divorce, Hannah’s father, Gus married Audrey Wasdin. The Smyrnios siblings seemed ecstatic to welcome Audrey into the family. Gus even took to the IG and wrote— “Congratulations to my dad for getting married today. Glad you get another shot at love, I truly haven’t seen him this happy in years! Welcome to the family Mrs. Audrey ❤️”

Meanwhile, Hannah’s mother, Kristin married Ronnie Wright. A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Kristin is a Behaviorist at Expanded Horizons of Kentucky in 2021.

As for her brother, Seth is married to his wife, Haleigh Smyrnios. Meanwhile, Hannah’s sister, Leah graduated in 2021.

Also, Hannah is a native of Perry, Florida. As of 2021, she still lived there.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Hannah can’t be any taller than 5 feet 8 inches in height. Similarly, she shouldn’t weigh any more than 68 kilograms.

Blessed with a contagious, Hannah is as gorgeous as they make. Moreover, many considered her hair as a distinct feature.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

On the bio section of Instagram and Twitter, Hannah listed Romans 8: 18.

Until 27th March 2021, Hannah had around 1.6 thousand followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, some 310 people followed her on Twitter.

Elsewhere on Facebook, around 770 people followed her profile.

Hannah Smyrnios Floribama Shore, Candace Renee Rice

In one of the March 2021 episodes of “Floribama Shore,” viewers watched Hannah threaten Cadance Renee Rice. Over the phone, she said— “If anything f****** happens to my brother, I’m going to personally beat your f****** ass.”

The exchange didn’t sit well with the “Floribama Shore” fans. Some even took to Twitter to express their displeasure. (

Emma Danielle tweeted— “What the hell did Gus’s sister just say to you? Damn! The whole family is crazy! #FloribamaShore

Mackenzie also added— “I understand Gus is going through some stuff but he’s 26 years old…he needs to stop acting so childish. Also, my jaw literally dropped when his sister threatened Candace…like he is the problem sis #floribamashore”

Terron, meanwhile, wrote— “Gus sister had some nerve, the audacity! #FloribamaShore

Hannah Smyrnios Job, Education, Net Worth

Because Hannah didn’t have an easily accessible LinkedIn profile, we couldn’t state his job and educational background.

Also, Hannah kept her finances at bay, resulting in total anonymity about her net worth.

Hannah Smyrnios Partner, Kids, Relationship Status

If her Facebook is anything to go by, Hannah was in a relationship in 2021. She, however, didn’t give out her partner’s name.

Although Hannah’s Facebook profile picture depicted a child sitting on her lap, chances are the kid isn’t hers.

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