Comedienne turned actress Beattie Edmondson (full name: Beatrice Louise “Beattie” Foundation) is best known for her work in BBC Three sitcom Josh (2015-2017). Her role of Kate was a standout and The Independent described it as “very watchable” saying “her comic timing stuck out.”

Making her TV debut in Jam & Jerusalem in 2008, Beattie has given tremendous performances on the small screen over the years. Some of her standout performances include The Pursuit of Love (played the role of Louisa) and Patrick (played the role of Sarah and Francis).

While everyone knows a lot about the actress herself, many of us are still unintroduced to her husband, Sam Francis. Let’s learn a thing or two about Beattie Edmondson’s husband –from his age to net worth and beyond–in this Sam Francis wiki.

Sam Francis Age

Sam Francis’s Instagram followers might know the broadcast journalist celebrates his birthday on the 21st of February every year. He was 34 years of age in August 2021. What’s more, his zodiac sign is Pisces.

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Sam Francis Family

According to Sam Francis’s Facebook account, he is originally from Morden, Merton, United Kingdom. However, he has been living in London for quite a time now.

Sam is one of the three kids of his parents. His mother’s name is Veronica Francis. Veronica’s Facebook handle shows that she is a Chief Executive Officer at Happily Retired. Sam’s mom went to Cardiff College of Education for her studies.

In a Twitter post, Sam also expressed his pride in his father for leading the ITV news on WalesvUruguay in Rugby World Cup 2019.

Other than his parents, Sam has two sisters as his siblings in his family. Louisa Cole and Rosie Francis are their names.

Louisa is married to Joe J Cole and she is a project assistant at Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine. Rosie, on the other hand, is a primary school teacher at Merton Council and Hampshire County Council.

His Height

Sam Francis stands tall at a height of 6 feet 2 inches. Judging from his Instagram pictures, it does not look like Sam weighs more than 70 kilograms.

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His Instagram, Facebook

You can find Sam Francis on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He was active on all three platforms as of August 2021.

As of this writing, Sam had 222 followers on Instagram (@samfran.1) and 2.3 thousand followers on Twitter (@DavidSamFrancis).

Sam Francis Job

Currently, Sam Francis works as a full-time Broadcast Journalist for BBC London. His work at BBC London has earned him an RTS and Circom award.

Before working at BBC London, Sam was a Broadcast Journalist for BBC Parliaments Online. He joined BBC Parliaments Online in October 2015 and worked there until November 2016.

Sam’s first job after his graduation from City University was as a Researcher – Total Rugby for Endemol. Later, he worked as a researcher for Zig Zag Productions.

From September 2011 to May 2014, Sam was a Researcher at BBC News. Additionally, Sam also worked for a little more than a year at BBC Radio 4 Specials as a Researcher and Broadcast Journalist.

For education, Sam went to Kings College London in 2006 and studied Classical Studies. Upon graduating from Kings College London in 2009, he joined City University to study Investigative Journalism. He graduated from City University in 2011 with a Master of Arts degree in Investigative Journalism.

Sam Francis’s net worth was estimated to be over $500 thousand.

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Sam Francis And Beattie Edmondson: Wedding, Kids

While we don’t know when Sam Francis and Beattie Edmondson began dating, Sam’s first appearance on Beattie’s Instagram handle was on June 18, 2015. Therefore, it’s safe to say that it has been at least 6 years since the two have known each other. The uploaded picture was from their trip to Havana.

On May 27, 2017, the adorable duo got themselves a brand new flat. Beattie made an Instagram post letting her followers know about that.

Sam and Beattie exchanged the wedding vows on June 4, 2017. “We did it! It was the actual best day of my life. I feel so lucky to have such amazing, fun, compassionate, supportive friends and family. It felt like the best dream! I love everyone and everything but especially Sam xxx, ” Beattie wrote about the wedding on her IG.

The cute couple celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary on June 4, 2020. Beattie wrote, “3 years married to this poohead,” on the occasion.

Sam and Beattie were blessed with a baby daughter, Mabel Francis, on June 19, 2019. Both of them naturally have an immense love for their only kid. You can see more of Mabel by visiting Beattie’s Instagram.


Sam and Beattie with their newly born baby daughter, Mabel Francis.

The couple, too, has love and respect for each other. When Beattie was announced as one of the 25 most influential people under 25 by Standard, Sam made a Twitter post congratulating his wife on her impressive achievement.

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