Rayshard Brooks was an African-American man, shot by an Atlanta PD officer outside the Wendy’s on 12th June 2020.

The killing arrived amid a nation-wide protest demanding justice for all who lost their loss to the police shooting.

Follow along and discover Rayshard Brooks’s wiki info. Furthermore, find out about his job, family, height, and girlfriend.

Rayshard Brooks Wiki (Age) — Family, Height, Job

When Rayshard Brooks passed away in June 2020, media outlets reported his age as 27. If accurate, Rayshard was probably born in 1993 in the United States. His birthday, meanwhile, wasn’t public knowledge.

Following Rayshard’s killing, his family hired an attorney named L. Chris Stewart to represent them.

Reacting to the protest after the death of Rayshard, Chris said:

“The people are upset. They want to know why their dear brother Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed when he was merely asleep on the passenger side and not doing anything.”

Moreover, Chris insisted the officers involved in the case should’ve used a non-lethal weapon to deescalate the situation.

A woman claiming to be Rayshard’s sister made a GoFundMe page to cover the funeral expenses. She wrote:

“My brother was killed by Atlanta Police Department last night. He has a child, my niece and no money to the side for her or his funeral. We just need a little support with this surprising situation. Please.”

Later, the GoFundMe page was deleted.

Meanwhile, Rayshard’s cousin talked to WXIA-11 and shared,

“I don’t know how to do this because I never knew I was going to have to do this. I watched this on the internet… This whole thing landed on my doorstep for my little cousin… the most hurtful thing for me is to wake up and watch that video. I got two little boys, they seen the video… thought Atlanta was higher than that, I thought we was bigger than that. I just want to make enough noise that they investigate the situation.”

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Rayshard Brooks Wife, Kids, Job

Many in social media claimed Rayshard Brooks was a married man. However, the name of his girlfriend turned wife remained a family affair. (Alprazolam)

Nonetheless, Rayshard reportedly was fathering four kids — three daughters aged between 1 & 8 and a step-son who was 13.

As seen on his Facebook post, Rayshard was a loving father. Posting a photo of with his daughter, he once wrote:

“Daddy’s little girl I love you with all my heart.”

Rayshard seemed like an individual who was very cautious about his online presence. Thus, both his Instagram and Facebook profiles featured limited posts about his family life.

Per reports online, Rayshard stood beyond 6 feet frame in height. His weight, on the other hand, crossed 90 kilograms stature.

At the time of this writing (14 June 2020), there didn’t exist a report stating Rayshard’s job titles. Furthermore, his work history eluded everyone. That said, Rhys once interned with the NFL outfit “Atlanta Giants.”

For education, Rayshard reportedly attended the Forest Park Street High School.

How Did Rayshard Brooks Die?

On 12th June 2020, Rayshard Brooks had fallen asleep in his car at an Atlanta-based Wendy’s drive-through.

A scuffle ensued between him and the law enforcement agents once Rayshard failed the sobriety test. And during the struggle, Rayshard got his hand on one of the officers’ taser.

As he tried to flee the scene, Rayshard reportedly shot the taser at one of the officers who was pursuing him. In retaliation, the same police officer fired a shot — or multiple shots heard in a separate video — which turned fatal.

Later, Rayshard was transported to a hospital where he underwent surgery to treat the gunshot wounds. He died there. Meanwhile, one of the officers recieved treatments for minor injuries.

Witnesses who saw the shooting first hand claimed the police officers tried to intimidate them by holding them captive.

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What Happened After Rayshard’s Death?

Outraged by Rayshard Brooks’ death, BLM movement protestors took to the streets of LA. They even set Wendy’s restaurant where the killing occurred on fire.

The Atlanta Police Department reacted swiftly to the incident. It fired two of the officers involved in the case while putting four others in the administrative leave.

Less than 24 hours after Rayshard’s killing, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced police chief Erika Shields had quit her position. Keisha then revealed she was searching for a replacement.

Keisha further stated she didn’t condemn the shooting. She said:

“While there may be debate as to whether this was an appropriate use of deadly force, I firmly believe that there is a clear distinction between what you can do and what you should do. I do not believe that this was a justified use of deadly force.”

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