Allison Janney is one of the most beloved and successful actresses on TV, with acting credits in almost 50 shows, over 30 years of the acting career, and 7 Emmy awards (second-most in the award’s history), and all that is talking nothing about her equally illustrious movie career.

As is natural for a thespian like Allison Janney, the media is always on alert for anything related to her personal life. For a long time, she was successful in evading the peering eyes of the media. Recently, however, Allison’s dating life came into the media’s attention and left everyone’s mouths hanging open.

In 2015, Emmy awards, Allison appeared with a much younger date, and not only that she went on and kissed the guy when she won the awards. This new younger date was Philip Joncas.

This article concerns with providing readers with details with Allison’s young boyfriend. Know interesting wikis about Philip in the article below.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

From what we could gather, Philip was born around the year 1980. So, he was near 40 years of age when this article was written. However, his exact birthday was unknown.

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Since his birthday remained missing from us, we cannot say anything about his zodiac sign.

Philip Joncas Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Education

The information regarding Philip’s parents and siblings is unknown, except that he was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, to American parents.

Philip gained his undergraduate education from The Catholic University of America in Washington DC. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Art (concentration in digital media).

Later he gained his Digital Media Certificate in film from the Corcoran College of Art and Design. Finally, graduate degree in film from Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Philip Joncas Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Philip Joncas was a very tall guy standing at the towering height of 6′ 2″. He weighs a perfect weight of 84 kg.

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Philips is one of those square-jawed and extremely handsome people.

Social Media Reach: IG, FB, Twitter

Not-very-surprisingly Philip was not present in social media. He did not seem to have Facebook and Instagram profiles.

However, he did have a Twitter account, but he did not have any tweets. He only had 66 followers, one of whom was Allison Janney.

Philip Joncas Net Worth, Job, Career

After completing his post-Baccalaureate degree in 2009, Philip started working as a production manager and coordinator. One of his works in the early career was in 2013 comedy-drama The Way, Way Back, which also starred his later girlfriend, Allison Janney.

Furthermore, Philip has worked in movies like Nebraska, and also help produce the initial phase of popular TV show Silicon Valley. He also worked for Food Network shows like Chef Hunter and Extreme Chef.

On the time this article was written, he was working on IASTE Local 871, which was a news and history website.

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The most interesting thing about Philip was that apart from his job, he was also involved in various artsy hobbies like web designing, painting, photography, etc. He was also a freelance web designer.

Is Philip Joncas Allison Janney’s Boyfriend Or Husband?

Allison Janney and Philip Joncas’s relationship first caught the public’s eye during 2015 Emmys, where Allison took Philip as her date. Of course, the media’s queries about their relationship was soon answered when Allison kissed him after she won the award best-supporting actress.

Initially, the news sparked great intrigue because Philip was 20 years younger than the aging thespian.


Allison Janney and her new beau on the red carpet of 2015 Emmys (PC:

But that wasn’t the first time the couple was seen together. Apparently, they were first photographed together a few months before during premiere of Minions.

The couple first met in 2012 while shooting the movie The Way, Way Back. Of course, the couple did not start dating during that time. It happened much later, probably in 2015.

Since then the couple was together and seemed to love each other’s company very much. However, it was unlikely that Philip had become Allison’s husband. Once in an interview, Allison said that she did not believe in marriage as an institution. (Diazepam)

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Boyfriend or husband, Philip seemed to be the one who made Allison happy.

About His First Wife

Before meeting Allison, Philip was married to a woman called Amy von Walter. A 2009 blog seemed to prove his previous wife. The couple obviously separated before Philip starting dating Allison.

However, we did not know when Philip had had his divorce with Amy, neither do we know when they married each other.

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