Patricia McDonald is Ryan Stiles’s wife. While Ryan is a renowned comic/director, Patricia remains a mystery figure.

This Patricia McDonald bio tries to reveal facts about Ryan Stiles’s wife including her age, job, and Instagram. Similarly, it highlights Patricia and Ryan’s relationship, wedding, and kids!

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Patricia McDonald Age

In April 2020, Ryan Stiles touched 61 years of age. As for Patricia McDonald, she was anywhere between 55 and 60 years of age by 2021.

However, nobody could accurately outline her age, birth date, and birthday.

Patricia McDonald Hometown

Neither Patricia nor Ryan revealed her family background and hometown. As reported by several publications, the duo began living in Bellingham, Washington a long time ago.

Meanwhile, Ryan was born to Canadian parents in Seattle, Washington. Reportedly, the comedian grew up with 4 siblings.

Her Height

At 6 feet 5 inches, Ryan Stiles is a towering figure. Patricia, on the other hand, measures a lot lesser than that.

Nevertheless, Ryan and Patricia made up a cute duo.

Is She On Facebook & Instagram?

As of Jan 2021, Patricia wasn’t on Instagram. Ryan too didn’t seem to fancy the photo-sharing app.

Moving on, Ryan was on Facebook. Unsurprisingly, Patricia was yet to launch a profile on the social media platform.

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Patricia McDonald Job

At one point, Patricia held the job of a waitress. In fact, she met her future husband, Ryan while waitressing at a comedy club called Punchlines.

After Ryan achieved considerable success, it is likely Patricia quit her day job and stayed home to raise their kids.

From his career, Ryan secured $8 million in net worth. Patricia, on the other hand, kept her finance to herself.

Patricia McDonald & Ryan Stiles: Dating, Wedding, Kids

According to, Patricia met Ryan in 1981. Soon after, they must’ve begun dating.

Not the ones to rush, Patricia and Ryan waited years to tie the knot. 8 years, to be more specific. Their wedding was in 1989.

As of 2021, Patricia was still together with Ryan. By then, the married couple had 3 kids: Claire, Sam, and Mackenzie.

Upon research, we learned Mackenzie Stiles attended Sehome High School. She graduated from the same in 2011. For 5 months in 2011, she worked at Cruisin Coffee as a barista. Also, from 2011 until 2017, Mackenzie was with the Current Media Productions. We may have also found her Instagram.

Sam also attended the same high school as Mackenzie. Perhaps, Claire did too. For reasons unknown, Sam opted not to share photos of anyone else except himself on his Facebook.

The family of 5 called Bellingham, Washington their home for years now. Ryan even built a comedy club to remain close to his wife and children. Explaining his decision, the father-of-three once shared— “I told them when those shows ended that I was going to stay home for a while.  can do without TV or film, but I need to get on stage. So, it was kind of a selfish thing to build a theatre for me.”

Just so you know, Ryan is best remembered for his performances on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”. He also earned popularity for his roles on sitcoms like “Two and a Half Men” and “The Drew Carey Show”.

For his performance on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, Ryan won a Primetime Emmy nod.

Trivia: Ryan never graduated high school.

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