Olivia Modling first gained the spotlight as the romantic partner of multi-hyphenated Hollywood talent Will Forte.

Unlike Will, Olivia was a relatively new face to the public. Recognizing the growth of interest in her, the team at has collected essential wikis. Thus, tag along and discover Olivia’s age, job, and family background.

Olivia Modling Bio — Age, Family, Height

On apperance alone, Olivia Modling looked no older than 42 years in age (as of 2020). That said, her birthday, DOB and zodiac remained a private affair. The anonymity extended to her family including parents and siblings.

Chances were that Olivia held American nationality. Meanwhile, she owned features of a Caucasian woman and stood no taller than five feet and eight inches.

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Olivia Modling Wiki — Job, Education, Instagram

According to Olivia Molding’s now-deleted LinkedIn profile, she graduated from the University of Alabama around 2013.

And no, Olivia wasn’t part of the showbiz industry. Per PEOPLE magazine, she held a job in the sales and brand partnerships department at “SGE Worldwide.”

A quick google search couldn’t locate Olivia’s IG. Her Twitter, meanwhile, was easily accessible. By April 2020, she had collected a mere 25 followers on the platform.

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Dating, Engaged, Married

During the 8th April 2020 episode of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,” Will Forte’s father introduced Olivia Molding as his son’s fiancee. At the time, he didn’t share when the two would get married.

According to PEOPLE magazine, Olivia and Will got secretly engaged in late-December 2019. The engagement arrived less than a year after they commenced dating.

Olivia reportedly met Will at a mutual friend’s party in 2018. Per a close source, the duo wouldn’t pursue each other romantically until a year later.

Before Olivia, Will was romantically involved with his co-stars Jamie Alexander and January Jones.

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About Will Forte

More famous of the two, Will Forte became famous for his 8-year-long stint as the SNL cast member. Moreover, the comedian/actor earned tractions because of performance on “MacGruber,” “30 Rock” and “The Last Man On Earth.”  For his role in the film “Nebraska,” Will won the National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actor.

A History major at UCLA, Will recieved his start as a writer at the New York City-based Late Show with David Letterman. Unsurprisingly, his high school peers had voted him the “Best Personality.”

Born to an artist mother and a broker father, Will turned 49 years of age in Summer 2019. Furthermore, he owned $14 million in net worth.

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