The story of Molly Hopkins in 90 Days Fiance was quite a spectacle to watch for the viewers. But the story took a rather ugly turn in October 2020, when her daughter Olivia Hopkins decided to attack her. And it wasn’t just a simple fight. It was a fight worthy of battery charges against Olivia and even her arrest.

So, who is Olivia Hopkins? What is her age? Who is her dad? Who is she dating? And why did she hit her mother? Find the answers to all these questions below.

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Olivia Hopkins Age

On 14 September 2018, Olivia Hopkins posted a photo of her celebrating her 19th birthday on her Instagram. Thus, we can say that as of July 2021, she was 21 years of age. And her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Olivia Hopkins Dad

Well, Molly Hopkins is a very famous reality star who has appeared in the fifth season of 90 Day Fiance with her “fiance” Luis Mendez. Luis and Molly got married in July 2017 and then got divorced not even a year later in May 2018. And only a few months later, in September 2018, Luis married another woman. Luis Mendez is not Olivia’s dad.

In fact, Olivia was not very happy with her mother’s relationship with Luis. Olivia was actually the daughter of Molly Hopkins and her former partner, someone who she was with Luis came into the picture.

We do not know the name of her dad, but we know that Olivia thinks she looks exactly like her dad. Although her dad was not a white man, her arrest report had mentioned Olivia’s ethnicity as white. She was born and raised in her hometown of Hickory Flat, Georgia. Although, she currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Olivia Hopkins with her dad (Source: Instagram)

Olivia has a half-brother, from her dad’s other relationship. She also has a sister called Kensley, who turned 10 years of age in November 2020. Kensley has a disability, a chromosomal disorder.

Her Height

According to her arrest report, Olivia Hopkins stands at a height of 5 ft 4 inches and she weighed about 121 lbs (55 kgs). Furthermore, Olivia has brown hair and blue eyes, and freckles all over her nose area and cheeks.

Olivia is also a woman of excellent figures. Her body measurements are 36-25-37 inches.

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Her TikTok, Instagram

Olivia had a large following on Instagram and a decent one on Twitter. On her Instagram @olivia.wrynn, she had over 26.3k followers. She was also very active with 409 posts. On her Twitter account @oliviahopkins_1, she had just a little over 1k followers. She was also present on Facebook.

We could not locate her presence on Tiktok. But she was present on Cameo. And most of her ratings on Cameo were 5 stars.

Olivia Hopkins Job

Olivia Hopkins is a social media influencer and she works with one particular brand called Boutine LA. She modeled for their ensembles on her Instagram page.

Other than that, Olivia’s Facebook has a lot of information about her job. Apparently, Olivia is currently working as an Installer at Playscapes. Her job is to basically “help out for side work installing custom wood playsets”.

Formerly, she has worked as a form carpenter for Max Foote Construction. And once upon a time, she was also an apprentice at R&R Heat and Air.

And as of 2021, her net worth was not more than $200 thousand.

Does Olivia Hopkins Appear On 90 Day Fiance?

Yes, she does appear on 90 Day Fiance. She appeared on the 5th season of the show in 2017. But she did not appear for too many episodes. She did not even have her own IMDb profile. In however few episodes she appeared in, she seemed to have a very tense relationship with her mother’s then-fiance Luis Mendez.

Throughout the show, Olivia was disrespectful not only towards Luis, who she must have suspected of foul play but also with her own mother. The relationship that started to deteriorate in 2017 because of Molly’s relationship with Luis reached its climax in 2020 when Luis was long out of the picture.

Apparently, in October 2020, Olivia struck Molly “multiple times in the head leaving a clearly visible red mark and kicked the victim in the leg.” Olivia was arrested and then released on a $1500 bail. The release came with an order for Olivia to stay away from her mother. Her mother had not dropped the charges yet, i.e. Jan 2021.

Olivia Hopkins Boyfriend

We know absolutely nothing about Olivi Hopkina’s romantic life. There does not seem to be any hint of boyfriend(s) in any of her social media profiles.

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