NikkieTutorials, real name Nikkie De Jager, gained worldwide traction because of her make-up and tutorials on YouTube. She embodies the label “make-up guru” to the T.

Discover NikkieTutorials’ relationship status, brother, and net worth by looking into her bio-like wiki!

Wiki, Brother, Parents

NikkieTutorials turned 25 years of age on 2nd March 2019. A Wageningen, Netherlands-native, the beloved YouTuber holds Dutch nationality.

Born in 1994 to a beautician mom, NikkieTutorial took up an interest in beauty and make-up out of boredom and after watching “The Hills.” Circa 2008, she borrowed her mother’s digital camera and began her YouTube career.

Besides the beauty guru, NikkieTutorials’ parents had a son. Sadly, the celebrated internet personality’s brother passed away in 2018 – at the tender age of 14 – after losing battle to lymphatic cancer.

With regards to education, NikkieTutorials took the makeup course by Pascale Tesser at the “B Academy” in 2010.

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NikkieTutorials Net Worth, Height, Weight Loss

An international phenomenon, NikkieTutorials garnered 13.2 million followers on Instagram (as of Jan 2020). Meanwhile, 12.7 YouTube users subscribed to her channel, and 1.9 million people followed her on Twitter.

Thanks to her online presence, NikkieTutorials was able to land endorsement deals with “Ofra,” “Maybelline,” and “Too Faced.” Publications such as “Fashionista” and “Vogue Netherlands” also profile her. She also boasts appearances on “Jink” and “I Can Make You a Supermodel.”

Boasting $6 million in net worth, NikkieTutorials has six feet & three inches (190 cm). Back in 2018, the “Teen Choice Award” laurel achieved amazing weight loss transformation by shredding 50 pounds.

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NikkieTutorials Before, Young, Transgender

In mid-January 2020, NikkiTutorials uploaded a video titled “I’m Coming Out” on YouTube. Via the 17-minute long clip, she opened about being a transgender woman.

Reasoning her decision to finally come out as a transgender woman, NikkiTutorials revealed:

“It is a brand new year, it’s 2020, and I want to start the year off with the truth. I want to start the year off by finally revealing a part of my life that has made me who I am.”

NikkiTutorial then shared about “being born in the wrong body” which for her admittedly meant that she was transgender.

By divulging the startling revelation, NikkiTutorial essentially took back control of the narrative from her blackmailers who threatened to “leak” her story.


NikkieTutorials As A Young Woman Before Fame Circa 2010 (Pic: Twitter)

NikkieTutorials Married, Engaged, Boyfriend

Reportedly, NikkieTutorials’ first high-profile relationship ended in tragedy. She broke things off with longtime boyfriend Rick Smit after he allegedly cheated on her with an “influencer.”

Following the split, NikkiTutorials commenced dating Dylan Drosssaers. She and Dylan made the romance official in early-2019. By then, they had been together for almost a year.


Engaged-to-be-married duo NikkieTutorials and Dylan Drosssaers circa Aug 2019 (Pic – NikkieTutorials’ IG)

NikkiTutorials became an engaged woman in 2019. August that year, she accepted the proposal from then-boyfriend Dylan.

More on the engagement: NikkiTutorials and husband prospect Dylan got engaged while on a trip to Italy. Taking to Instagram, the YouTube personality shared the joyous news. She, however, refrained from divulging when the pair would get married.

The year 2020 proved challenging for her and Dylan. August that year, the couple were robbed at gunpoint at their residence in the Netherlands. 4 months after the incident, the authorities arrested the culprits.

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