In early 2020, VH1 aired its latest reality show “Cartel Crew”. The series focused around people connected to the Florida drug cartel scenes. Nicole Zavala was one of the show’s most controversial stars.

Continue to reading and learn about Nicole Zavala’s wiki. Furthermore, become familiar with her boyfriend, net worth, and parents. Also, learn what she looked like before and after undergoing plastic surgery.

Nicole Zavala Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

Interestingly, Nicole Zavala celebrated his birthday on the National Drink Wine Day. Moreover, she turned 27-year-old on 18th February 2020. Nicole was born on 18 February 1993. Thus, she is an Aquarius.

Hailing from Cali, California, Nicole lived large — first as a child and then as an adult. Her connection to the cartel world came from her paternal side of the family. However, Nicole refrained from divulging to what extent her father was involved in the cartel scene. She once shared,

“My family was all with that cartel situation. I never asked no questions, you know, because I was living good. I never asked my dad none of his business. his family members were deep in that. [My dad] is living in New York. My parents were smart about it.”

Beyond her dad’s cartel ties, Nicole also had a connection to the law enforcement agency. Her mother’s brother was an NYPD officer. When fellow “Cartel Crew” pointed the family trivia, Nicole denied lying about her background.

Nicole was born alongside her twin brother Michael Zavala. The Zavala siblings grew up very close. Like Nicole, Michael first discovered fame in fashion industry. Moreover, he worked as an interior designer.

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Before And After Plastic Surgery, Measurements

From the jump, Nicole Zavala recieved backlash from trolls who labeled her plastic and fake. For her part, she always defended her plastic surgeries. Nicole once defended herself by saying,

“Well, I mean at least I was being honest about it and talk about it on the first episode. Y’all think the other females are built like that? Shutcho a– up. The only real one who exposes herself and doesn’t give a flying f–k of what the internet says is Nicole. Like miss me with that s–t… you gotta start from rock bottom to get to the top. F–k outta here.”

According to Nicole, the bullying dated as far back to her high school days. Since leaving high school, she had underwent multiple breast augmentations, lip fillers, veneers, and a nose job.

Nicole once told VH1 she loved plastic surgery. The reality star also admitted to being obsessed with it. Nonetheless, Nicole loved the before and after results because of the cosmetic surgeries.

Appearing in an episode of “Botched,” Nicole shared she wasn’t done with plastic surgery at all. Furthermore, she opened up about a complication that arose after fat began “leaking” from her booty. To keep everything intact, Nicole reportedly under the knife multiple times.


Before And After Plastic Surgery Involving Nicole Zavala (Pic – Distractify)

Per several sources online, Nicole Zavala stood at 5 feet 6 inches in height. In the same breath, she owned an hourglass body with 37-25-38 inches measurements and 59 kilograms weight.

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How Much Is Nicole Zavala’s Net Worth?

Nicole Zavala understood the value of social media popularity from early on. As such, she did everything to increase her followers count. As of June 2020, over 736k people followed her on Instagram. Meanwhile, she hoarded around 11.4k followers on Twitter.

Via social media platforms, Nicole promoted her latest business ventures. By 2020, she had launched a skincare and a waist trainer line titled “Nicole Zavala Collection”. Nicole also owned a self-labeled clothing brand.

At age 16, Nicole commenced her modeling career. Noticing her potential, Barbizon Models would eventually give her a management deal. What’s more, she was also a vixen on the music videos by rappers J Cole, Llyod Banks, and Jadakiss.

Beyond paid partnerships, modeling gigs, and earnings from business ventures, Nicole also made her money working as a licensed cosmetologist. Nicole Zavala’s net worth, as of 2020, revolved around $1.5 million. However, her fortune could be much more than that.

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Nicole Zavala Boyfriend, Dating, Husband

Other than her plastic surgery, Nicole Zavala stayed in headlines because of her troublesome dating life. Even though her boyfriends treated her badly, she seemed to stick by them through and thin. No wonder, trolls online continually accused her of faking relationships for TV.

In the Fall of 2018, authorities were called after an alleged fight broke between Nicole and Terrance Williams. The scuffle transpired at the Miami Beach-based Fontainebleau Hotel. Nicole met the former Dallas Cowboys player in a club and later followed him to his hotel room. When Terrance learned about her boyfriend, he asked Nicole to leave. Nicole allegedly refused to exit when Terrance’s friend tried to escort her.

From 2017 until 2020, Nicole was romantically linked with three men — all athletes. Season 2 of “Cartel Crew” chronicled her tumultuous relationship with NBA star Torrey Craig. A couple of months into their dating life, Torrey allegedly cheated on her with “Bad Club Girls” alum Winter Blanco. When Winter shared a photo from Torrey’s bedroom, Nicole responded:

“I don’t give a f–k what he does, you feel me? Like, we have an understanding so at the end of the day, like, we both don’t give a f–k, you know? I have no problem with you, b—h. Why are you talking about me? Why are you talking about me cause I have no problem with you,” the California native stated. “F–king your man? Girl, that’s not your n—a!”

Needless to say, Nicole adopted open relationship arrangements with her boyfriend. However, nobody knew she planned to do the same with her husband when the famed reality star became a married woman.

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