By June 2020, Nash Cash was already TikTok famous with 263 thousand followers and 5 million likes. What’s more, he operated under the username @nashviellecash.

One of the factors that propelled Nash’s stardom was his likeness to the late-great singer Johnny Cash. Many even assumed Nash was Johnny’s grandson.

Read along and find out if Nash Cash was Johnny Cash’s grandson. Moreover, discover his wiki info including his age, family background, height, and job details.

Is @nashvillecas Johnny Cash’s Grandson?

Cutting right to the chase, Nash Cash isn’t Johnny Cash’s grandson. However, he was friends with the late singer’s grandson named Joe.

Additionally, Nash hung with the Cash family. Back in March 2019, he penned a sweet message dedicated to John Cash — his friend Joe Cash’s father and Johnny Cash’s son.

Instagramming from John’s 50th birthday, Nash shared a series of photos. He captioned the post by writing, “Happy Birthday Old Man.”

Beyond TikTok and Instagram, the people on Twitter also mistook Nash for Johnny Cash’s grandson. One user @lilydougherty_ wrote, ” “BYE GUYS just found out johnny cash’s grandson is on TikTok going to go devote all of my time to pursuing this until he is mine <3”

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Nash Cash Wiki — Age, Family, Girlfriend

According to his Facebook profile, Nash Cash was born with the real name Forrest Cashion. That said, many predicted the last name “Cashion” was a clever play on Cash. reported an unmissable family trivia about his family. The website suggested Terry Cashion might be his biological father. Moreover, Terry worked as a dentist.

From what we could gather, Nash lived in Nashville. Likewise, he made his living by working as an audio engineer. As part of his job, Nash chilled with icons like Alison Krauss and Loretta Lynn.

Judging by his apperance, Nash could be born in the mid-90s. If true, he must be in his mid-20s at the start of 2020. Plus, his birthday and date of birthday were a private matter.

Nash opted not to post about his parents and siblings on social media platforms. On Instagram alone, the rising internet sensation had around 6 thousand followers.

On to his distinct features: Nash Cash owned fuzzy hair and sported gorgeous blue eyes. Additionally, Nash stood around 5 feet 10 inches in height.

Besides Johnny Cash, Nash drew a comparison with Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong because of his looks. Women and girls, therefore, always kept shooting their shots on social media.

For his part, Nash seemed interested in only one woman. On his TikTok profile, Nash Cash declared YouTuber Emma Chamberlain as his girlfriend.

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