Moniece Slaughter is best known for her appearances on the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, the third installment of its original show Love & Hip Hop. She was a starring cast member on the show for seasons one through five.

The Los Angeles, California born stunner was seen on one, to many franchises of the show from 2015 to 2018 and during the beginning of 2019.

Here’s what you may not have any clue on the hottest Instagram personality’s life.

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Moniece Slaughter Wiki — Dad, Mom, Brother

Moniece Slaughter is blessed to have her step-dad, David Thomas, and mother Marla Thomas as her parents.

Sadly though, Moniece does not have very good memories of her biological father, Michael Lloyd Slaughter. Michael disowned her for the choices she made in life, including her coming out as a bisexual.

He did not want anyone associating Moniece’s brother Kyle, and sister, Lauryn to her reality TV fame. Referring to her biological father who never made her feel loved, she wrote on her Instagram post:

“It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t ask to be here. I didn’t get to pick my parents. It wasn’t my loss. It was his. I’m the child, whether I’m 3mo. or 32yrs. He’s the “parent.” It’s NEVER my responsibility to make him feel wanted. It was always his job to show me I was wanted by him. That I was loved by him. He just didn’t know how.”

Moniece felt all kinds of emotions at the time. She was hurt and then angry and slightly empathetic until she felt nothing at all and relieved.


Moniece shares, with her fans, her resemblance with her biological father (PIC: Moniece’s IG)

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Height, Plastic Surgery, Measurements

Standing to a good-looking height of 5 Feet 7 Inches and body measurements of 35-25-36, Moniece Slaughter sounded very confident concerning her beauty. “I’m beautiful, I’m gorgeous, and I’m funny as shit”— she once spoke on her gorgeousness.

Back in July of 2019, she wrote on her Instagram about Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Andre Abooligan agreeing to perform her fourth and final breast reconstructive/corrective surgery.

Net Worth, Songs, Albums

Moniece Slaughter who is also a singer sang the theme song for America’s Next Top Model. Besides, she has penned the songs for several renowned artists including Akon and Marques Houston.

Her album, The Naked Truth, released independently in the year 2018, did not take long in breaking the ‘Billboard 200’ charts.

Until mid-2020, Moniece hoarded an estimated $5 million as her net worth.

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Moniece Slaughter Son, Baby Father

Moniece Slaughter has a son with her former boyfriend turned baby father, Lil Fizz. Since they are no more together, they now share the custody of their young man, Kamron David Frederic (born on the 8th of January 2010).

‘Lil Fizz’ being the stage name, his real name is Dreux Pierre Frédéric. He is a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and appeared in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood alongside Moniece.

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Moniece Slaughter Boyfriend, Dating, Shemar Moore

For a while now, fans had been questioning Moniece Slaughter and actor Shemar Moore if they were romantically involved.

The dating rumors fueled after Moniece posted an Instagram video of them partying at a friend’s gathering. Although, eventually she cleared the relationship status with her rumored boyfriend:

“If you see me posting on Instagram with him, I’m not f***ing him. If you see me on Live with him, I’m not f***ing him. I’ve learned and Shemar has learned, we both keep our relationship s**t off the internet.”

Well, at the time, she seemed bothered by media and public scrutiny over her private life.

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Moniece Slaughter Bisexual, Partner, AD Diggs

At some time in the year 2017, Moniece Slaughter reaffirmed her sexuality via Instagram. “I am. I always have been. A bi-sexual woman.”— she said. The rumors of her sexuality had swelled after she confirmed her being bi during an interview with VladTV.

Somewhere during the time, Moniece dated this gorgeous entrepreneur woman named AD Diggs. On 13th July 2018, a news channel the Jasmine BRAND confirmed that their relationship was officially over.

As proof, they shared a snapshot where Moniece’s then-partner wrote:

“I wasn’t coming to even address this cause I feel like it should be a private matter but I see that she can’t seem to respect that. Moniece and I are officially broken up… “

To this, Moniece had responded:

“Probably the worst thing I could have ever seen. The worst pain I have ever felt…But this is how she feels. So I guess there is indeed no hope for repair. Feeling isn’t mutual and I desperately wished things could have been different. But I can’t make some love me the way I love them.”

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