Out of nowhere, Max Kallschmidt soared to the limelight in 2020 after Moriah Plath introduced him as her boyfriend.

Keep on scrolling and discover Max’s wiki info like his age, family, and height. Furthermore, read about his job, education, and background.

Max Kallschmidt Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodic

At the writing of this article (June 2020), Max Kallschmidt was 19 years of age.

Although his birthday escaped the public sphere, publications noted Max was born either in 2000 or 2001.

As shown on his Instagram, Max loved being outdoors. Besides trout fishing and snowboarding, he seemed interested in hiking.

Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Max Kallschmidt and his family hailed from Perry Florida. Therefore, he owned an American passport.

As for his ethnicity, Max possessed all the physical traits of a Caucasian person. What’s more, he could be of Jewish descent.

From what we could gather from his social media posts, Max came from a big family. Besides his parents, he adored his siblings (brothers): Luke and Nathan.

Judging by his activities on IG and Twitter, Max shared a tight bond with his kinfolks.

As noted by, Max possessed conservative views. A deeper dive into his Twitter showed he retweeted tweets by Donald Trump and  Michael Flynn.

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Max Kallschmidt Height, Weight

An athletic individual, Max had over 6 feet in height. Likewise, he possessed over 175 pounds.

As a teenager, Max excelled in both Football and Soccer. While attending Taylor County High School, he stood among the Top 500 athletes nationwide.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

On Twitter, Max operated with the handle @mkallschmidt and possessed around 252 followers.

Elsewhere on IG, Max possessed above 2 thousand followers. At the same, she had posted around 62 photos on the platform.

Furthermore, Max was also active on Facebook, documenting his day-to-day life.

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Max Kallschmidt Job, Education, Net Worth

After high school, Max attended Tallahassee Community College to attain a degree in Building Construction Management.

According to his May 2020 IG post, Max was doing very well in college. Per the screengrab of his grades, he attained a single B in an otherwise 4 A’s.

Chances are Max held at least a part-time job to support himself. Nevertheless, his net worth wasn’t public knowledge.

As written on his Instagram page, Max was a “Jedi in Training”. Also, he was a self-proclaimed “The Interview enthusiast”.  Admittedly, he was a “Dean Graziosi fan.”

Max Kallschmidt Moriah Plath, Dating, Girlfriend

On 23rd June 2020, Moriah Plath took to Instagram and revealed Max Kallschmidt for the first time as her boyfriend. In the shared photo, Max was seen landing a kiss on her. Moriah captioned the post:

“My Peter Pan came for me💘 and I thought I could keep you a secret a little longer but I can’t… I love you.”

Exactly a month earlier, Moriah had popped up on Max’s Instagram. In a photo dated back to 24th May 2020, she latched unto Max. An accompanying caption read:

“Found this Koala bear in the jungle and now she won’t let go…am I complaining? Of course not!”

Back in December 2019, Max first shared Moriah on his IG. Sharing a photo of self with her, Max captioned the post with the words:

“Go check out @moriah.jasper on Welcome to Plathville airing on TLC!”

Around the same time, Max had uploaded a photo from what looked like a wedding. Besides him was the woman named Anna Garbarino. Later, Max revealed the pictures were from the photoshoot he and Anna did.

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