Mark Foster is a famous rock singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. His image of a band frontman makes him more of a respectable figure, besides his proximity to ace in his field of interest.

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Mark Foster  Biography — From Parents To Height

The 1984 born famous musician, Mark Foster celebrated his 36th birthday in 2020. His 29th February birth date not only determines his age but also his star sign which is, Pisces.

Mark was born in San Josh, California. Although he later attended Nordonia High School located in Macedonia, Ohio, he was raised near Cleveland.

Mark never mentioned his parents’ name on a public domain, but some publications addressed them as Daniel Foster and Kathleen Foster. He has not confirmed the rumors on his mother, father, as well as siblings.

Besides, Mark once revealed in his interview that he badly adhered to drug addiction. As per him, his addiction had become so bad that his parents had cut him off. Mark had a realization of the bad he was going through as he had become very skinny. So, Mark wanted to change his lifestyle and food habit. One of his closest friends helped him get out of drug addiction. Thus, the place Mark is in today, he has really been an inspiration to many, for the journey he had.

Mark later remolded into a dashing man standing tall at the height of 5 feet 9 inches and having the weight of about 74 kgs.

Also, Mark has a boxing gloves tattoo painted, in honor of his grandfather. He was quite intrigued by the life of his grandfather who was once a boxer.

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What Is Mark Foster Net Worth?

His music alongside business gained Mark Foster a net worth of about $4 million.

At the very age of 18, Mark left for Los Angeles, from his hometown with big musical dreams. However, the ‘hit by reality’ was of a complete shock to him. However, Mark’s love for music and yearn for his dreams kept him moving forward. Despite the hard days, Mark never turned back.

In the initial years of his life in LA, Mark went from a pizza delivery boy to working for the famous comedian, Andy Dick. Later, he also got the job of a jingle writer for Mophonics that helped him grow as a professional artist.

Within a short time after working in commercial music for other companies, Mark formed his own music band Foster the People, with longtime friend Cubbie Fink and his colleague, Mark Pontius.

After few years, the band released their first single “Pumped Up Kicks”, which was about teenage culture and isolation. The song gained them 5 Platinum certification, as a single. Besides “Pumped Up Kicks”, “Helena Beat”, “Call It What You Want”, and “Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls”, from the album Torches got Gold Certification.

In addition, until September 2020, 22 singles, 3 studio albums, 4 extended plays, and 14 music videos made place under the discography of Foster the People.

Apart from music, Foster The People band owns an online commodities store. The store sells gift cards, apparel, accessories as well as music albums. The price of the items ranges from $10 to about $200.

Also, from all his gains, Mark purchased a property worth $2.1 million in the Hollywood Hills in the year 2013.

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Does Mark Foster & Wife Julia Garner Have Kids?

Mark Foster got married to the famous movie actress Julia Garner on 28th December 2019. Their wedding took place in the City Hall of New York City.

Mark and Julia’s relationship was concealed in public eyes for a long time as the two never revealed their love on a public platform before getting engaged.

Mark proposed the beautiful lady during their visit to Montana during late April 2019. They had been on a trip to Yellowstone National Park’s Mammoth Hot Springs.


Mark Foster spends time with his then-girlfriend, Julia Garner in Mammoth. (Pic- Mark’s Instagram)

Further, Mark took no late to post the pictures of his visit to the National Park with his future wife. This hinted the fans of their engagement added by Julia’s red carpet look where she flaunted her ring.

Talking about their initial days of dating, their fans and followers got the hint only in October 2018, when this celeb-couple appeared together in VJ Matt Pinfield’s show. However, as per the reports, the two met at the Sundance Film Festival for the first time. Their first meet was enough for them to catch up for a second one, followed by the vows for a lifetime journey.

The rumors of Mark and Julia’s kids were already on-air on the internet in 2020. However, neither responded to such rumors nor did they seem to be preparing for a kid any soon.

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