Leyna Bloom is best recognized as a model and actress but she has also garnered attention as an activist for a social cause. A formidable force, just to define her, she is out here breaking barriers in the world of fashion as a transgender woman of color.

So, scroll down this Leyna Bloom Wiki to learn more about the Chicago-based model.

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Leyna Bloom Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to the Famous Birthdays, Leyna Bloom celebrated her 30th birthday in 2020. Whereas, her date of birth falls every year on 25 April. Based on that, Leyna Bloom secured Taurus as her zodiac sign.

Leyna Bloom Wiki — Parents, Birth Name, Filipino

Leyna Bloom was born to her African-American father Aaron Davis Jr. and a Filipino mother in Chicago, the United States. Though she never revealed her birth name, she shared the name she gave to herself. She adopted the name Leyna from her third-grade girlfriend Elena, and her last name ‘Bloom’ represented her growth.

While no details surfaced on her mother, her father was a military man. Her parents met and fell in love with each other while he was on active duty. But, only at the age of two, her mother got deported back to the Philippines that assured an unconventional life from an early age.

After that, Leyna and her mother lost touch with each other but reconnected two decades later.

The transgender model was raised by her father and her paternal grandparents and her aunt. Though it was tough for her father to raise her as he was in the military, he did the best he could to raise her properly.

Leyna grew up in a family of dancers. Her grandmother owned a dance studio whereas her aunt is best known for dancing with Sammy Davis Jr. and also her cousin Lee Howard was a tap dancer.

Talking about half-siblings, Leyna Bloom has two half-sisters Julia Davis and Sierra Davis, and a half-brother named Shaun Davis.

About Leyna Bloom Before Surgery

Knowing Leyna Bloom was a boy before surgery, it was obvious for people to be eager about what she looked like before transitioning. However, she only shared a picture of her as a sweet innocent boy with a big smile on his face as a kid.

Leyna Bloom as a boy and before surgery (Pic: Leyna Bloom’s Instagram)

Leyna Bloom always knew she was a girl though she was born as a boy biologically. And her father and other family members showed nothing but support for her decision to undergoing gender transformation surgery.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Leyna’s light brown skin and part-Asian look are a few of her distinct features. Even after the surgery, certain features such as her eyes and the shape of her forehead remain the same. This sometimes left people wondering what she would’ve looked like had she not done the surgery.

Also, the model reminds so much of her grandma whose picture from her younger age was featured on Leyna’s Instagram.

Talking about her physical features, Leyna Bloom stood tall at the height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). Whereas, she weighed not more than 61 kilograms (134 lbs). Furthermore, she proudly flaunts her measurements of 34-24-35 inches on her Instagram.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Ever since Leyna stirred conversation across the world of fashion, her social media follower saw significant growth. Her Instagram account earned a total of 239k followers in total as of March 2021. Whereas, her Twitter account garnered 9479 followers at the same time around. In the same way, Leyna also owned a Facebook profile with 19,754 followers.

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Leyna Bloom Net Worth, Sports Illustrated, Career

Leyna started her way into the world of entertainment as a dancer. At the tender age of six, she started learning hip hop, jazz modern, tap, and ballet. When she entered her early teens, she started performing with Misty Copeland and the American Ballet Theatre.

When the Chicago Academy for the Arts refused to honor her identifying gender, Leyna stopped dancing at all. Then she started working at the Gap based in Chicago’s Michigan Avenue and saved some money for a one-way Greyhound ticket.

The Chicago-native faced a fair share of a struggle early on. As she moved, she knew no one and started sleeping on subway trains and park benches. She even indulged herself in prostitution to survive and in her words ‘to love me.’

But everything that went South started turning back around for her. She started her modeling career in 2014 and built quite a promising one. But hiding her reality from the world wasn’t sitting right with her.

And years later, Leyna accomplished so much. She walked runway shows like Tommy Hilfiger, walked Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week. She also earned the title of the first woman of color to appear in Vogue India. Also, she made a name for herself as the first transgender woman of color in the Sports Illustrated Swim issue.

On top of that, Leyna also debuted her acting career with Port Authority produced by Martin Scorsese and played the lead in the movie. This marked the first transgender woman in a leading role. (Valium)

Leyna’s thriving career as a transgender model is taking her places. Along with that, Leyna Bloo is pocketing earning and profit that summed up to become a total net worth of $400 thousand.

Leyna Bloom Partner, Dating, Married 

Leyna Bloom is not the one to hide details regarding her life. However, she missed sharing details about her boyfriend. On 20 December 2020, Leyna shared a script-like conversation between her and her partner. She captioned it ‘This is kinds how it goes.’

However, it was hard to tell confirm whether the transcript convo was the actual one or not. So, we couldn’t say for sure whether Leyna was dating anyone or not as of this writing.

But, as Los Angeles Times reported, Leyna Bloom dated a cisgender white man. As the story unfolded, her Serbian partner and admirer slid into her DM in 2018. But she clearly understood, the society doesn’t entertain a white-man being attracted to a transgender woman.

Engaged and married? Well, Leyna is not all the way down there yet. So, she might still be dating her boyfriend if the relationship kept going till March 2021.

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