Hollywood Reporter named Chicago-born stylist Law Roach as Hollywood’s Most Powerful Stylists 2021. People have seen him serving as the judge for various reality fashion competition shows. So, people wanted to know more about his family life, career, relationship, and sexuality.

Delve into this Law Roach article that covers information on his partner and dating life along with net worth and height.

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His Age

According to Famous Birthdays, Law Roach turned 42 years old in July of 2020. Based on that information, Law joined the group of Cancer zodiac.

Law Roach Real Name

As a man with an unconventional name, Law Roach was often asked about his real name all the time. But very few people know that Law Roach, in fact, is his real name.

Law Roach Height

5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters), that is the height Law Roach stands at. Plus, he weighed about 78 kilograms (171 lbs) which is a little more than a proportionate weight of an average man.

As a stylist, he arguably comes second to none and knows best what makes him look dashing. He once kept long hair but he cut it short later on which made him even more handsome. While fans wanted to know if he suffered any type of illness, he reportedly doesn’t have one as of the time of this writing.

His Family

Hailing from his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, the United States, Law Roach was born to his parents. He grew up in Southside, Chicago. As of this writing, Law shared no further information on his father and mother.

Based on the report of Chicago Magazine, his father abandoned his family leaving behind Law, his single mother, and his siblings. But, he had his good friends who always had his back even as a young individual. His mother was a hardworking woman who also introduced her to Diane Ross films.

At the age of 14, Law decided to leave his family and move in with his friend. But even after his father became estranged, the family didn’t have to suffer to make the ends meet.

Moreover, Law was born as the oldest of five siblings to his Chicago-native parents. And, like the details on his parents, his siblings also remain anonymous as of this writing.

While Law never pointed out particular members of his family, he was thankful to all of them and expressed his gratitude towards them on his Twitter account. In November of 2011, Law wrote,

“So thankful to be around people who love me….Family or not!!”

In the same year, Law wrote another tweet,

“Thank god for family even if you were not born into it!…Merry Christmas”

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Law Roach Net Worth

Law Roach is an established individual and has built himself a total net worth of $2.5 million. But, like any other individual who is here to start, he worked hard starting from the foundation level.

For every superstar, having an attractive personality is a must. While character and attitude are undeniable traits, having an efficient stylist by one’s side is merit for every high-profile individual. Law Roach is also a stylist who is working with prominent figures in Hollywood.

Often described as stylist and image architect, Law Roach made himself a name by helping celebrities turn into fashion icons. He pursued a career to become a vintage broker, collecting, and curating vintage pieces.

After a thriving career in his hometown, he moved to New York to establish his first boutique named Deliciously Vintage Harlem. After that, he decided to scale up his business with fresh energy and ended up founding Deliciously Vintage Chicago in his hometown.

Stirring conversation in Chicago’s fashion scene, Law Roach turned heads of local icons such as Kanye West. Then, he decided to move to the City of Angels for the best opportunities that he could land to become a stylist.

Starting from scratch, he didn’t jump right in finding clients to work with. He landed internship gigs and assistant with notable individuals. This helped stir conversation and landed Law the opportunity to work with A-listers like Zendaya, Kerry Washington, Ana Taylor Joy, Tom Holland, Tiffany Haddish, James Blake, and many more.

Law also served as creative director for the Tommy X Zendaya fashion line, Tommy Hilfiger which was premiered in Paris Fashion Week. He has often been admired for conquering cultural limitations and for making revolutionary strides for the people of color.

The Windy City stylist also appeared on TV shows such as Style Code Live (2016), America’s Next Top Model (2016-2018), Legendary (2020), and In Search of the Sanderson Sisters: A Hocus Pocus Hulaween Takeover (2020).

He was credited for costume designing for Malcolm & Marie (2021). Also, he was credited for his contribution to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion (2020). Hollywood Reporter titled Law the Stylist Of The Year.

His work has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Time Magazine, GQ, Billboard, New York Magazine, Notion, InStyle, and OUT.

Law Roach Partner: Is He Married Or Dating? 

As of May 2021, Law Roach didn’t seem to be dating anyone. Until then, he hadn’t married once.

Being in the entertainment industry, the whole life of that person is kept under scrutiny. While career and family background excites individuals, spicy love and relationships always got people going.

Law Roach also has a fair share of a story to tell about his sexuality and relationship. He realized being gay early on but never came out publicly even when he was in high school. He avoided revealing being gay to his peers.

The only thing that held him back was he knew how tough it was for black people to come out as gay.

Law always had a soft voice feminine mannerism. So, he was bullied and even heard the word fa**** now and then. But his friends always had his back, so he felt protected because of them.

On 9 April 2018, fellow stylist Drew Elliott announced on Twitter, Law was his partner in crime. This had people anticipating if they were dating each other. But the relationship rumors were never confirmed.

Back in 2012, Law had tagged Twitter user @Maximiliano on a tweet whom he referred to as his new partner in style. However, neither identity nor the nature of their relationship was verified.

One of Law’s friends got married in 2009. So, he gave a heads up about attending the wedding. But, fans wanted to unearth his marital status and we can say for sure he hasn’t met the one to tie the knots with.

But the Chicago-born stylist wasn’t always on the receiving side of hate comments regarding sexual experience. In March of 2018, Law was criticized on Twitter for judging a contestant named Kyla in a reality show. The tweet went like this: “You were so rude to mock Kyla for only having had one boyfriend. Judging a contestant for something as personal/unrelated as their sexual experiences revealed what a bully of a judge you are.”

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