Josh Buoni, brother of the cast of Floribama Jeremiah Buoni, is returning to the show once again and everyone is excited about the arrival. Jeremiah officially announced the return on his Twitter account in May 2021. But, this time, Josh is entangled in what seems to be a committed relationship.

So, scroll down to learn more about Jeremiah Buoni’s brother with this Josh Buoni Wiki.

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Josh Buoni Age, Birthday

On 13 July, Josh Buoni receives birthday wishes from his family and friends. He turned 27 years old in the Summer of 2020. Moreover, Cancer is Josh Buoni’s zodiac sign.

His Brother, Parents

Born and raised in Clermont Florida, Josh Buoni shared almost no information regarding his parents. However, his brother Jeremiah once wrote a tweet about their father being a male stripper. So one Twitter user replied,

“Your parents were adorable! Your dad absentmindedly rubbing your moms leg while you guys were talking was precious. Also, how the hell did they go from people in strip clubs to conservative homeschooling parents?!”

Apart from a few social media reach, almost no information on Josh’s mother and father surfaced in the public domain.

Coming to the details about Josh’s siblings, he has at least four. The list includes three brothers Jeremiah Buoni, Josiah Buoni, and Jesse Buoni, and a sister whose detail remain unaddressed.

Jeremiah worked as a server at The Amelia Island Club. Josh also has two younger brothers with no further info shared about him.

Josh Buoni Height

While standing at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters), Josh Buoni weighed about 84 kilograms (185 lbs). What’s more, Josh and his siblings have their parents to be grateful for their good looks.

Josh inherited his attractiveness from his mother and his physique from his (stripper) father. With a rigorous workout routine and spending countless hours in the gym, he has formed even buffy looks than his father probably did.

His Instagram, Facebook

The only social media platforms Joshua Buoni could be discovered on Instagram. He doesn’t seem to be on Facebook as well as Twitter. As of 8 May 2021, Josh’s Instagram account garnered 17.2k followers. But he only posted 45 times.

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Josh Buoni Job, Net Worth

Josh Buoni allegedly sat on a total net worth of a little under $1 million.

Based on Josh Buoni’s LinkedIn page, he served as CEO of FitStrong Nutrition. He started serving in the position in March of 2017. The company is based in Glendale, Arizona. Talking about the company, it was founded in 2014.

The company produces supplements focusing on athletes. Both Josh and his brother Jeremiah promote the product on his social media. Along with the two Buoni brothers, personalities such as Gus Caleb Smyrnios and fitness blogger Nicole Kay also promoted the product.

Along with bodybuilding, Josh also competed in several competitions. In 2016, he stood 3rd and credited his trainer Travis Yow for making it happen. His company joined hands with Crunch Fitness.

Apart from supplements, Fit Strong also started an apparel business for both men and women. The apparel included T-shirt, hoodie, and workout outfits. The supplements business thrived unimaginably and it even ended up putting him behind the Lamborghini steering.

Was Josh Buoni In The Military?

In 2017, Nilsa Prowant talked about Josh Buoni appearing in Floirbama Shore. She talked about Jeremiah pushing his brother then-new houseguest onto Nilsa. Talking to TooFab, she mentioned in one section,

“Josh was in the military so it’s like right up my alley so in the very beginning Jeremiah pushed his brother on me and I was like, ‘No, thanks’ thinking that he would never come, but then he ends up coming and everyone already assumed that I would be into him.”

That was the only time Josh’s military career was discussed publicly. However, it was never addressed whether he was in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines. Plus, his social doesn’t hold any evidence of him being in the military.

Josh Buoni Girlfriend: Is He Dating Anyone?

Sorry to all the ladies attempting to mingle with the newest arrival in the show, Joshua Buoni but, he is in a relationship with a beautiful girlfriend named Hailee Hogan. Hailee and Josh have been together at least since August of 2020.


Josh Buoni with his girlfriend, Hailee Hogan (Source: Instagram)

Josh first appeared on Hailee’s Instagram on 28 August. On the post, Hailee wrote, “My favorite human ❤️”.

Whereas Hailee made a debut in Josh’s IG in October 2020. Josh wrote on the post, “Can’t say enough about this woman❤️ @haileehogan”.

The very month, Hailee officially addressed Josh as her boyfriend. The most recent post between Josh and Hailee dated in early May 2021. On the post, Hailee wrote, “I love you😘 @joshua_buoni 🤍,” while confirming her love for her handsome beau.

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