American country music singer and songwriter Drew Baldridge is “lucky” none of his wedding plans were majorly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, now, we can say he and his fiancée Katherine Kraus are married!

And naturally, people have been curious about their romance and especially the lady who took the plunge with the musician bachelor.

Below is this Katherine Kraus wiki covering everything you need to know.

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Katherine Kraus Age

Last year (2020) in August, as Katherine Kraus reached the age of 26, Drew took to his Instagram a couple of pictures of him and Katherine writing, “Everybody helps me wish a Happy Birthday to my soon-to-be wife @katherinejkraus!”.

So, Katherine is a Leo just like Drew who, born on July 29, 1991, turned 29 in 2020.

Katherine Kraus Family

Katherine Kraus often mentioned in her social media sharing that she is grateful to have Shelly Nicol Kraus as her mother. Also, she believes her father is the sweetest man in the world, and she is proud every time she gets to call him her dad.

She has a brother Dallas Kraus who per the introduction on his Facebook profile is a bassist who worked with several bands including Good Gatsby, Captives Set Free, Common Bond, and StinkBait. Now living in Nauvoo, Illinois, he also works as an automotive service technician at Walmart.

More people in Katherine’s family are Genevieve Kraus Knopp, Abi Kraus, Adam Kraus, and Marianne Kraus. At the time, outsiders were not able to spot how they were related.

Her Height

Katherine Kraus, the Indian Hills Community College alum, stands to a height that is 5′ 7″ (1.70 meters).

Distinguished for her dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes, her bust-waist-hips measurements were listed as 32-24-34 inches. Her dress and shoe sizes were respectively 30-32 EU and 23.5 EU.

In Feb. 2021, she was diagnosed with a torn labrum in her hip and a herniated disc in her lower back and was seeking treatment.

Her Instagram, Facebook

At the time, Katherine was not as social-media-famous as her beau who issued several independent singles and has charted many times on Country Airplay.

Anyway, Katherine could be followed on her accounts on Instagram, Twitter as well as Facebook.

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Katherine Kraus Job

So, Katherine Kraus is a fashion model at Tribe Talent Management and a lead dental assistant at Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry. The Nashville, Tennessee resident started her job in modeling only as of Oct. 2020. However, she has been working more than for more than 5 years with the clinical team in Brentwood.

Also, in the past, she worked as a dental assistant at Children’s Dental Center of Southeast Iowa. She also spent almost six years as a dance instructor at Top Hatter Dance Studio.

This way, Katherine reported collected a net worth of $500K as of 2021.

More to it, the calculation drawn by reported— the average dental assistant salary in Nashville ranges typically between $32,661 and $40,868 as of April 2021.

Katherine Kraus And Drew Baldridge: Dating, Wedding

Katherine first met Drew Baldridge in 2014 at a music venue called the Forum in Macomb, Illinois.

Drew was one of the performers and after he finished his slot he was sitting at a back bar. Katherine was sitting two stools over and avoiding some guy who kept trying to talk to her. So, she scooted down a couple of seats and conversed with Drew, “Talk to me until this guy leaves.” This way they became friends that night. But it was not until a year and a half that they had their first official date.

Then, following some back-and-forth long-distance dating, Katie moved to Nashville in 2016, they have been together ever since.

About the wedding— it took place at Saddle Woods Farm in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on 7th May in 2021.

During the music-filled ceremony, Katherine walked down the aisle to the couple’s favorite, Ruelle’s “I Get to Love You”. The bride and groom got their dress and tux made by Olia Zavozina.

Drew’s cousin Christopher Tanner married off the couple, and Gigi Butler from Gigi’s Cupcakes personally made their wedding cake.


The newly married, showing off their marriage certificate on Apr. 22, 2021 (PIC: Drew’s IG)

Before the big day happened, the pair had already acquired their marriage license in April.

Also, the newly married exclusively shared their magical moments with PEOPLE and were yet to share them with the rest of the world through their respective social accounts.

They have been engaged as of March 2019 but Drew still wished to propose to her in Paris. But, the two days before they were supposed to leave on the trip, the travel ban to Europe happened.

Anyway, after five years as a couple, they were sure it was about time for becoming husband and wife. They have also long ago started the talk about starting a family.

Now, wait until that happens and we inform you!

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