Laoshu505000 was best known as a professional YouTuber and a Polyglot. He had over million followers on YouTube and uploaded hundreds of videos on the platform. However, the news of his death saddened the community of language that he created, and wanted to learn more about his life.

So, here is a Laoshu505000 Wiki that provides a brief glimpse into the different front of his career.

Laoshu505000 Cause Of Death

Laoshu505000 passed away on 4th March 2021 and the family of the YouTuber confirmed the news of his death. The cause of his death was revealed to be the heart complications that he had. Furthermore, Twitter was shocked by the death with the news of his death and left their condolences on his social media.

About Laoshu505000 Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Laoshu505000 turned 39 years old in 2020. He was only a week away from celebrating his birthday that fell on 12 March. Moreover, he is a Pisces by zodiac sign.

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Laoshu505000 Wiki — Family, Hometown, Real Name

Laoshu505000, real name Moses Monweal McCormick, was born to his anonymous parents in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. No further details on his parents have been shared as of this writing.

However, the beloved YouTuber had at least two siblings who are featured on his social media. He had a sister and a brother named Mark McCormick. Besides their names, both his brother and brother stayed away from public attention. However, one thing for sure, all of the siblings are very close to each other.

Other members of Laoshu505000’s family include Susan McCormick, Denver McCormick, and Peter Moses.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Talking about social media reach, Laoshu505000 was on all of the three platforms popularly used by people. His Instagram account garnered 29.6k followers in total. He posted a total of 1336 times as of March 2021.

Moreover, he is also on Twitter with 3795 followers at the same time. Whereas, his Facebook account garnered 4593 followers in total.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

To start discussing Laoshu’s physical traits, he stood tall at a little above 6 feet (1.82 meters). Likewise, he weighed almost 94 kilograms (207 lbs) because of his towering physique.

Talking about his distinct features, Laoshu kept a long beard just like his brother. He even tied the beard up to the tip of its total size. He always kept his head bald so he put on caps to hide it.

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Laoshu505000 Net Worth, YouTube Earnings

Laoshu505000 attended The Ohio State University in 2004. He graduated from the university in 2009. Whereas, starting from March of 2009, he started as a professor in the Enter the Polygot’s Road Running Language Techniques.

With that, he trained individuals efficiently and guided them in the right directions for quick language acquisition. He also ensured that the student will also know how to go about learning independently. He created the foreign language road running camp.

While Laoshu505000 ran classes for wider reach, he found fame and wider recognition on YouTube. He created an eponymous YouTube channel a decade before. Like all the YouTubers in their starting phase, he also struggled to earn views.

Most of his videos are surrounded by the language, constructions of language, and learning techniques.

But before all of that, he loved languages and also served as a tutor for OSU athletes. As the OSU was looking for a Zulu tutor, his teacher recommended he tutor the athletes. Following that, he also started teaching Swahili, Russian, and quite a few other languages.

However, he barely managed to take the language classes as he was also taking one himself. But after the realization that the YouTuber could do this by himself, he set up a business. He made flyers and offered to help other people.

Years passed while learning himself, his language tutoring business flourished. But through constant changes in the methods, the quality that he offered got better with time.

However, his YouTube channel contributed a lot to his net worth. Reportedly, Laoshu505000 stacked a total net worth of $400 thousand.

Laoshu505000 Wife, Divorce, Kids

Laoshu505000 was previously married to his anonymous wife. However, no traces of her could be found on social media.

But on 1 October 2011, he uploaded a response video about meeting his wife. He moved to Columbus with a friend. Like any other regular day, his friend invited him to go to the library. But he pulled himself together, freshened up, and went there anyway.

While his friend decided to sit in a different section, he decided to go to the movie section and that’s where he saw his wife for the first time looking at the movies. He went in to talk to her and asked where he could find the action movies.

He believed she was Korean and started speaking the language to her. However, she told him she wasn’t Korean. Later, he discovered she hailed from Taiwan. They exchanged ideas about language as he discovered she was learning Japanese.

Even though they had an age difference of almost 10 years, they clicked instantaneously. Though he hesitated at first, he ended up dating and marrying her. From his previous relationship, he had three daughters, two of whom are twins.

When he uploaded the video, Laoshu505000 and his wife were together for 10 years that included married for 5 years. However, the couple apparently got divorced without leaving any details of when and why.

However, before he passed away, Laoshu505000 was dating one Yaa who went by the name langaugebae505000. She hailed from Ghana and was very close to Moses. Moreover, the couple got engaged and had plans for the wedding. Yaa made it official on her Instagram on 22 October 2020.

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