Bachelor in Paradise alum Kevin Wendt and his fiance Astrid Loch announced they were expecting parents in May 2021. On their respective social media, both announced having a baby together by posing with a Sonogram of the stillborn. The happy couple received good wishes and congratulations from his fans and colleagues.

Kevin Wendt, after almost half a decade, still astounded people with details on his life. Here, we addressed Kevin Wendt’s job, details on his family, and other things. So, delve into this Kevin Wendt Wiki!

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Kevin Wendt Age

According to Bachelor Nation Fandom, Kevin Wendt was born on 1 February 1984. He turned 37 years old while celebrating his birthday in 2021. Based on that piece of information, Kevin owned Aquarius as a zodiac sign.

Kevin Wendt Height

Kevin Wendt stands tall at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters). He measures a few inches taller than his fiance Astrid Loch who is only 5 feet 7.5 inches. Along with a formidable build, he also had a muscular body that weighed 79 kilograms (174 lbs).

Some of his fans also commented that he reminded them of actor James Marsden. The multiple tattoos which he inked all over his body counted as his distinct features.

His Family

To see one’s boy getting heartbroken is one thing and seeing his heartbroken on a TV show is a whole another thing many parents imagine they wish they don’t have to go through. The same happened to reality star Kevin Wendt’s mom when he decided to star in a popular reality show The Bachelorette Canada.

Kevin was born to his mother Jill  Wendt and his anonymous father in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Besides getting interviewed for her son’s reality show, she also worked at Manulife Financial. As it appears, she has been happily married to Kevin’s dad for a very long time.

To add more information on his family, Kevin grew up with his elder brother Justin Wendt. Justin was a former pro-baseball player. He married his wife Zaylee Wendt on 29 January 2016. Together Justin and Zaylee are parents of three kids; two daughters and a son.

About Justin’s wife: Zaylee hailed from her hometown of Grand Coulee, Saskatchewan. She attended Sheldon-Williams Collegiate. Furthermore, she studied Psychiatric Nursing at SIAST Wascana Campus.

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Kevin Wendt Job

Kevin Wendt was in the Navy before he landed the job of a fireman. In an interview with POPSUGAR, Kevin accepted the fact that the best decision that he ever made was leaving the army and the second best was joining it.

He further shared that, he also tried university but soon realized it wasn’t for him. So, when Kevin joined the ex-navy, he was living with his parents trying to find his path, then he got enlisted in the army.

“I had never really left my little place in Ontario, and I hopped on a plane, moved to Vancouver Island, and never looked back for six years.”

During his time as a military man, Kevin traveled to India, Abu Dhabi, Thailand, and Fiji for work. But, he knew he had to quit his job in the military. His family was the main reason Kevin quit his job as a navy. He was homesick after being deployed for 36 to 48 months.

Then Kevin transitioned from military to firefighter because of the feeling he had that he wanted to be in public service. And the firefighter job always fascinated him.

Speaking about his job as a firefighter, Kevin told Health Insight:

“The best part of my job is the feeling of helping someone on one of their worst days. On the large scale of saving a life or the smaller scale of preventing further damage to a home on fire, the feeling of making a difference with my crew feel is like no other. I think a lot of people go into the sector to be able to help out — it’s a great career choice with a huge ripple effect.”

His job included working with healthcare workers, police, EMS, and hospital workers to ensure that Kevin along with his colleagues has all the necessary information to give the people the best care possible.

On 17 August 2020, Kevin celebrated his 9th anniversary of working as a firefighter.

Kevin Wendt Net Worth

In 2016, Kevin Wendt debuted his reality star career with a little push from his sister-in-law in The Bachelorette Canada. He was introduced as a firefighter and ex-navy. He proposed to Jasmine Lorimer at the end of the season.

Later in 2018, Kevin starred on The Bachelor Winter Games. Then in the same year, he appeared in Bachelor in Paradise season 5. Kevin was eliminated in week 6. He made an estimated salary of $7,000 to $15,000 from the one season of the reality TV shows he was on. Plus, an average salary of $92,000 a year from the firefighter gig contributes to his total net worth which is almost $500 thousand.

His Instagram, Facebook

Talking about his socials, Kevin’s Instagram account earned 478k followers as of May 2021. Also, he was on Twitter with a verified account with 42.3k followers. He hadn’t updated new tweets on the post for a very long time.

The same goes for Kevin’s Facebook account. He posted last time in October of 2020.

Kevin Wendt And Astrid Loch: Married, Baby

Kevin Wendt and his now-fiancee, Astrid Loch met each other for the first time in Bachelor in Paradise. From that point on, they became inseparable, but at one point the rumor of their breakup spread like wildfire but the couple later reconciled differences add got back together.

Kevin took Astrid to Canada to meet his family every once in a while. They were also vacationing together.

Later, Kevin and Astrid started featuring on each other’s social regularly. However on 28 August 2019, Kevin got down on his knees and proposed and asked for Astrid’s hand for marriage. On 4 September 2019, Astrid wrote a post on her Instagram where she expressed her excitement and happiness.

On Astrid’s social media, she is all over Kevin and doesn’t hesitate to show off her love for him. She wishes him a birthday every year since they met each other.

Reciprocating the same love, Kevin also wished her a happy birthday. In the post, Kevin wrote:

“For life I’ll have your back, even when the wheels fall off, baby!♥️ Happy birthday. 2021 is a damn big year 😉 (everyone check out my stories to see behind the scenes of the Astrid we alllll loves)”

In July of 2020, Astrid decided to give a wedding update. She revealed that they decided to postpone their wedding to November of 2021. She talked about changing lives and stepping back to reevaluate priorities.

The engaged couple announced having a baby together on 9 May 2021.


Astrid and her fiance Kevin posing together with a sonogram of the baby they were expecting (Pic: Astrid’s Instagram)

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  2. […] in Paradise alum Astrid Loch and her fiance Kevin Wendt announced they were welcoming a new life in their duo lives in 2021. On their respective social […]

  3. […] Discover More: Kevin Wendt Wiki: Astrid Loch, Height, Job, Age, Family […]

  4. […] Discover More: Kevin Wendt Wiki: Astrid Loch, Height, Job, Age, Family […]

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