You might (or might not) remember Katrina Jackson, aka Kat Tat, from her work in Black Ink Crew: Chicago. However, the young tattoo artist is now a new mother. She gave birth to her son in 2021. What better way to pay homage to a mother than give all the fans a glimpse of her life before and after Black Ink Crew.

Read this Kat Tat wiki, dear readers, get to know her net worth, age, and all the details about her parents and her husband.

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Kat Tat Age

According to an Instagram post by Kat Tat herself, she turned 28 years of age on 18 May 2019. That meant Katrina Jackson was born on 18 May 1981. Thus, as of June 2021, she was 30 years of age. And her zodiac sign was Taurus.

Her Height

Kat Tat stands at a modest height of 5 ft 5 inches. And she has a curvy figure, with measurements of 37-24-36 inches. Her other distinct features include dark black hair and brown eyes.

Kat Tat Nationality

Katrina Jackson aka Kat Tat is of American nationality, born to parents coming from different backgrounds. Read more about her parents in the next section.

Kat Tat Parents

Kat Tat’s parents were Ken Jackson and Katheleen Edgerton. Her parents came from different ethnicities and found each other. Her father is a black American man and her mother is Korean American. Thus, Kat is of mixed-ethnicity: half-black and half-Korean.

Katrina Jackson’s parents had, as of now, already divorced. Apparently, their marriage did not work. And yet, before it ended they had three children. And even after the divorce, her parents remained friends with each other and raised all the children with love and care.

As we said, Kat’s parents had three children, i.e. Kat has two siblings, both of whom are brothers, Jimmy Jackson, and Kenny Jackson. Jimmy is already a married man and a father. He is married to Marty Flowers and his son looked almost like his aunt Kat.

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Her Instagram

As of June 2021, Kat Tat was massive on social media, especially on Instagram. She had over 1.2 million followers on Instagram. She was quite big on other social media platforms too. For example, on Twitter, she had 49.3k followers. Similarly, on her Facebook page, she had 15k likes and over 18k follows. She was also present in the cameo.

Kat Tat Net Worth

By 2021, Katrina Jackson aka Kat Tat had earned a massive net worth of almost $1 million.

If you know Kat Tat, you would know from the hit reality show in VH1 called Black Ink Crew: Chicago. At that time, she was working for a tattoo shop in Chicago called 9MAG and Black Ink Crew: Chicago followed all the people working there.

Before coming to work for 9MAG, Kat attended the University of Missouri and studied Maths there. Even when she was in the university, she wanted to be a tattoo artist and the grueling university workload was interfering with her dreams. So, she quit school, returned to Chicago, and joined the crew of 9MAG.

And then the Black Ink Crew thing happened and everything went wild for Kat. She not only became a TV celebrity but also a sensational artist. Kat not only appeared in numerous other reality TV shows, but she also became a reputed tattoo artist and went on to tattoo some of the big names in Hollywood like Idris Alba.

And Kat is a really good artist too. In fact, she was one of the finest artists among the entire Black Ink Crew cast members. She paid a lot of attention to details and she was a good communicator too, working closely with clients to provide them what they wanted.

Apart from appearing on Black Ink Crew for three seasons, Kat had also appeared in other TV shows like PopFuzion TV, Windi World Daily with Windi Washington, Love & Listings, Celebrity Page, etc.

Kat left Black Ink Crew in 2015 and moved to LA to open her own tattoo shop called Enigma Tattoo. Unlike the stereotypical tattoo shops that dark and gritty, Enigma has a beautiful gallery style and a lot of openness and was located in Beverly Hills. Kat is quite proud of her shop and her Enigma Art Gallery.

Of course, Kat’s journey as a tattoo artist was not smooth, having to drop out of school, going through bouts of mental illness, but Kat lived her life with no regrets.

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Kat Tat Husband

As of June 2021, Kat Tat was still dating famous American football played Jaime Collins. However, he had yet to become Kat Tat’s husband. If you don’t know, Jamie played for the University of Southern Mississippi during his collegiate career and later for the New England Patriots. Together with Tom Brady, he helped the Patriots win the 2015 Super Bowl. He currently plays for the Detriot Lions.

Apart from a few photos on her Instagram, Kat was pretty silent about her relationship with Jaime. The reason might be all the drama that occurred during her Black Ink Crew days and all the public hassle that came with the drama.

Anyway, Kat first introduced Jaime on her Instagram in July 2020. In the photo, she was sitting on Jaime’s lap and tattooing on him. Apparently, she inked a bird on Jaime’s chest. Later in the year, she posted another photo wishing Jaime a happy birthday.


Kat Tat and her boyfriend Jaime Collins celebrating Jaime’s birthday circa December 2020 (PC: Kat’s IG)

And the latest good news was the young baby she had had, Jackson Fredrick Collins. Kat Tat announced her pregnancy on her Instagram on 4 March 2021, and only a couple of days ago, i.e. on 7 June 2021, she posted a photo of her newborn baby.

Jaime and Kat Tat were still dating, still going strong. And now there was also little Jackson to strengthen their bond.

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