After TLC explored couple numbers of closely knitted mother-daughter pairs on sMothered, it’s time for Extreme Sisters. Yet another TV show with a fresh twist, it premiered on Apr. 25, 2021.

So, the show is about this most obsessive and inseparable sibling pairs taking their bonding to next level— from eating the same foods to sleeping in the same bed and even sharing a boyfriend.

Below is writing about Jessica Dunagan starring alongside her uncanny better half in the form of a sister, Christina Manning.

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Jessica Dunagan Age

Born on August 4th, 1983, Jessica Dunagan and her twin sister Christina reached the age of 37 in 2020.

‘Dunagan’ being her married name, she originally went by ‘Jessica Brown’.

Jessica Dunagan Parents

Jessica Dunagan’s parents were long ago divorced. So, her mother raised her and her two siblings alone as a single parent.

Besides a look-alike twin sister, Jessica has an older half-brother, Justen Brown.

In 2020, Christina wished their late mom the happiest birthday, writing— “Happy Birthday to a brave single Mom who raised two baby twin girls to grow up & be independent ass kickers like her! #missyoumama😘❤️”— to a very old throwback picture of them.


In the picture: Jessica, her twin Christina, their parents, and older brother (PIC: Christina’s IG)

Below, in the comment box, Christina explained, “The babies are my sis & I… and half brother in front… Mom & Dad”, mentioning dad likely for the very first time.

Jessica and her twin are very sure about their psychic abilities. The sisters even insist about having predicted their mom’s cancer and eventual death.

They shared that even their mother was a psychic and owned a shop selling tarot cards, candles and incense, and other stuff.

Her Height

Seemingly a-fitness-enthusiast Jessica Dunagan stands to a height of 5’3” and above.

Jessica Dunagan Net Worth

With more than 14 years of life coaching expertise with their “natural born” Reiki healing ability, Jessica and Christina stated to have helped thousands of clients over the entire globe.

Their website further reads: the sisters have traveled and shared the same passion, touring speaking engagements and appearing on radio.

They were both enrolled in nursing school but their illness (when they were 18) hindered those plans. During their journey back to health, they started to become more aware of their “gifts”.

Together, they also published a book: Charge Your Food, Change Your Life, a cookbook filled with information on reiki, manifesting, and food habits. Before this, Jessica has been the author of her first book: Best Kept Relationship Secrets.

Not to miss, they also provide love coaching services. And, in the meantime, Jessica alone had collected almost $400K net worth as she joined TLC.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Unlike Christina, Jessica Dunagan could not be found on Instagram. However, she actively engaged herself on Facebook. On it, she had not more than 650 followers as of April 2021

Jessica Dunagan Husband

With her husband, Jessica Dunagan has two kids who are eleven months apart. Her elder child is a boy, 6-years-old and the youngest one is a girl, 5-years-old (ages before Apr. (Valium) 2021).

It’s been explained time and again on TLC that Jessica and her twin were married, became mothers, and went separate ways from their respective husbands at parallel times. Also, that all these events were not planned but they just happened that way.

Fast forward to the time of this writing, they lived two miles away from each other, trusting they are each other’s soul-mate. This very obsessive closeness has been termed as the reason for both of their divorces. Christina herself admitted that their ex-husbands said the same thing (about the sibling relationship)—

“You guys are too close, and it’s too hard to be in a relationship with you guys.” That’s when I thought, “We need to make a new strategy.”

In the meantime, both are single mothers raising their kids together.

The twins say, they are inseparable and feel physically sick when apart. Also, that they have a code word for each other which signals to the other that no matter what they are doing at that time, they are obliged to drop it and rush to one another’s sides.

Jessica Dunagan Boyfriend

So, Jessica Dunagan and her sister sat down with The List for an exclusive interview where Christina revealed they have lived parallel lives and were always married at the same time and single at the same time. This (post-Extreme Sisters) is the first time in their lives where Jessica remained single while Christina had a boyfriend.

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