Jamie Campbell is UK based drag queen and an aspiring fashion designer. He earned worldwide fame with the BBC’s 2011 documentary Drag Queen. Now, Amazon Prime Video came with a new musical show that was inspired by Jamie Campbell.

Before that, learn more about the drag queen with this Jamie Campbell Wiki.

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Jamie Campbell Inspired Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

The West End shows Everybody’s Talking About Jamie which would be premiered on Amazon Prime video was based on the relationship of Jamie and his mum Margaret. The musical covered his journey and his time in school, and the love and support that he received from his mother.

The show was inspired by BBC’s 2021 documentary based on Jamie Campbell. His mom posted it on her Facebook to show support to her son. Meanwhile, he took to his Instagram and wrote, “Step out of the darkness and into the spotlight 👠👠✨ Everybody’s Talking About Jamie arrives WORLDWIDE September 17th on @primevideouk @amazonprimevideo”

Drag Queen Jamie Campbell Age

Drag Queen Jamie Campbell was of age 23 as of September 2021. He celebrates his birthday every year on 12 December.

This made him a Sagittarius by zodiac sign.

Who Is Drag Queen Jamie Campbell’s Father?

Drag Queen Jamie Campbell was born to his absentee father and his amazing mother Margaret Campbell in Bishop Auckland County, Durham, United Kingdom. He maintained absolute silence when it came to his father. But, one documentary related to his life that aired on BBC shared that his father had abandoned the family.

However, it could be understood that he had already grown up by the time. On 6 January 2012, he wrote a Tweet, “Maureen… Oh she’s cheap!” this advert makes me lol, seen as the woman my dad had an affair with was called Maureen xD,” which was the only time he ever mentioned his father on his social media.

Sympathetic fans also tagged Jamie on Twitter and dropped a few tweets about his father. “I’ve just watched the documentary, I really felt for you after that text from your Dad he should be very proud of you, I hope he’s seen sense since the show aired. And your mum is the most amazing woman, you’re very lucky to have such an amazing lady in your life x,” one user wrote.

Similarly, another concerned fan also tweeted, “@jamieandfifi hiya, I’ve just was the BBC3 documentary. You are an amazing person and so very beautiful. How are things with your Dad? Did he come round yet? XXXX”

Very little is needed to be shared about his mother since everyone knows how amazing Margaret is. She hailed and resides from Bishop Auckland. She attended and graduated from St. John Roman Catholic School.

His Height

Jamie Campbell stands tall at the height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters).

His Instagram, Facebook

Drag Queen Jamie Campbell is easily discoverable on different social media platforms. His Instagram account @jamiecampbell had 36k followers. He had posted 562 times on the platform as of this writing.

On his Facebook page @jamieandfifi, Jamie had 7.7k followers. His Twitter account @jamieandfifi had 7,535 followers and 2,237 posts. He also ran a personal Facebook @jamieandfifi1 which garnered 1,616 followers.

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Drag Queen Jamie Campbell Net Worth

Jamie’s career as a drag performer and fashion designer added to his burgeoning net worth of $200 thousand.

At the age of 14, Jamie Campbell came out as gay, who by the time he realized that there was no point in pretending to be straight. But, like most gay individuals, he too had to face bullying. Even before that, when he was in primary school, his classmates used to taunt him by singing songs like, “You’re a girl, you’re a girl.” It got even worse when he entered the secondary level.

But, all the way through, his mom showed immense support and became his cheerleader, and this acceptance was all that he needed to stay strong and do anything rash.

Jamie started his career as a drag queen when he was 16 years old. During his school’s prom as a senior, he attempted to make a presence as Fifi, his alter ego. He earned prominence when BBC Three made a documentary, Jamie: Drag Queen out of his high school prom.

The documentary inspired many. His name was up on Shaftesbury Avenue which he had never imagined it to be.

Drag came into his life as confidence that Jamie needed to escape the bullying and shield his vulnerability. He decided to come out as a drag when he was 15 years old. But, his persona Fifi got him asking herself who he was if he was not Fifi.

Hence, sometimes, Jamie kind of felt lost. So, he tried to find his passion outside of drag. He found himself seeing as a fashion designer. This led to him collaborating with Snag Tights for his first range of work. Putting aside Fifi, he decided to build himself a name in the world of fashion designing.

As for Snag Tights, it finds pride in making products for those of any size, shape, age, race, nationality, or gender. So, the collaboration was something of magic for Jamie’s fashion designing career.

At first, Jamie was nervous about his creations, but the bosses of Snag Tights loved it, and he came to the realization that it was his calling.

Besides that, Jamie Campbell has masks, floral couch hoodies, floral joggers, and other merch for sale on his website. He also released his debut collection inspired by the coronavirus. The collection, which initially was conceived way before the pandemic, was also inspired by his grandmother and mum.

Drag Queen Jamie Campbell Partner

On the eve of New Years’ day 2017, Jamie Campbell introduced his partner. Two of them appeared side by side for the selfie. He wrote in the caption, “Happy New Year from BJ 🎉✨ it’s been a great one here’s to the future ❤️ #boyfriend #love #newyear @daphnelulu.b”

Fans, eager to know more about Jamie’s lover, only got scarce details on the partner. The story of how they met and how long two of them were dating each other, all stayed hidden.


Jamie and his boyfriend Blake Kenward back in August 2018 (Pic: Jamie’s IG)

Almost a year and a half later, Jamie Campbell revealed that his partner was Blake Kenward. On the post, she wrote, “Me and my man. Suits from @asos”

But, they absolutely stopped appearing on each other’s posts.

The current status of their relationship remains unexplored. Until they confirm his breakup, we would like to believe that they are still in a relationship. But, Jamie’s Facebook lack updates since 2020 which suggests he is single (as of September 2021).

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