The entertainment and movie industry has always had sex scandals making headlines that took down the reputation of several high-profile Hollywood actors and producers. Some lost their job and other their affiliations and fame. And now inducted another actor in the list, Noel Clarke.

After getting fired from BAFTA, everyone turned their heads toward his wife Iris Da-Silva who had been loyal and faithful ever since they got married. People are waiting for the reaction from the mother of three, yet she remains mum about the situation.

In this Iris Da-Silva Wikipedia, read everything about Noel Clarke’s husband!

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Iris Da-Silva Age

Going by the looks, Iris Da-Silva appears to be not more than in her mid ’30. However, she never went into the precise details on her age and her birthday as of the time of penning this article i.e. 30 April 2021.

Iris Da-Silva Nationality

While Iris Da-Silva was responsible for reuniting the father and mother of her husband Noel Clarke, she kept her family a secret yet to be unraveled. As widely shared, Iris Da-Silva hailed from Portugal which made her a Portugees national.

So we can assume Iris was born to her Portugees parents. However, Iris’s ancestry is yet to be unearthed. She allegedly has a sister who goes by the name Lisa Da-Silva who her husband Noel followed on his Instagram. That particular piece of details is also yet to be confirmed.

Her Height

One of the noticeable features of Iris is that she is of fair skin with dark hair that provided a contrast to her looks. Irish is enriched by that modelesque appearance which often had people confused. She could easily be mistaken for a model provided that her husband is an actor.

With a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters), Iris Da-Silva couldn’t match with her husband by a few inches. What surprised people the most was her ability to maintain her body weight even after having multiple kids.

Iris Da-Silva Instagram

Unlike Noel Clarke who owns a verified Instagram account with 223k people following him on the platform, Iris Da-Silva doesn’t seem to have an Instagram. Along with IG, she also doesn’t appear to be on Twitter and Facebook.

All of this hinted at her choice to remain private about several details.

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Her Job, Net Worth

Iris Da-Silva might’ve had multiple jobs even before she met actor and now husband Noel Clarke. But, all of what she did in her life before that escaped public knowledge.

At the time when Iris rose to fame with her relationship with Brit-actor Noel Clarke, she was working as a makeup artist in movies. She was credited for her work in movies such as Licks (2002) and Metrosexuality (1999).

But after the marriage, Iris decided to pursue a career working as a makeup artist and on the job of being a mother. Now she is home taking care of her kids and her husband and that seem to make her the happiest.

But now and then, Irish accompanies her husband at film festivals and award shows.

Talking about wealth, Iris Da-Silva is estimated to worth almost $400 thousand. Meanwhile, her husband’s net worth hovers around $5 million.

Iris Da-Silva And Noel Clarke: Wedding, Kids

Personal details on Iris Da-Silva and Noel Clarke are limited up to their doorstep, and beyond that, every piece of information remains obscure. They never went on to details when they tied the knots but it has to be about 10 years back.

No further details on their wedding surfaced in the public domain. The pair lived in London with their kids.

But Iris was always kept in high regard as the best wife Noel could have. He often praised Iris for bridging the gap he had with his estranged carpenter father. In Noel’s own word,

“My wife encouraged me to reach out. We speak now and he sees his grandkids. I’m glad things worked out the way they did with him because it spurred me on and gave me my drive.”

The couple went on having three kids. Noel and Iris had their youngest son in October of 2015. They rarely shared information on his family.

Being raised by a single mother, Noel spoke about his newfound respect for his mother after he became a father.

In 2018, Noel wished his eldest son Klaxon his 10th birthday. He sometimes shares pictures of his kids on his Instagram. What’s more, Noel barely mentions his wife on social media. With that being said, Iris Da-Silva and her husband Noel remain mum about their married life.

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