Ida Engvoll is a Swedish actor and producer, who made a famous name, world-wide through her work. Enough praises to the OTT platforms, as the deserving likes of her, get a reasonable recognition.

Ida’s new Netflix series Love & Anarchy is on a hike in popularity. Read further if you want to know more about Ida’s character on the show, and also, her real-life person!

Ida Engvoll Age, Birthday, Zodiac

The famous Ida Engvoll reached the age of 35 on her 2020 birthday. She was born on 6th October 1985, which makes her Libra by zodiac.

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Ida Engvoll Wiki — Nationality, Early Life, Family

Ida Engvoll was born Ida Emelin Engvoll to her parents. She is Swedish by her nationality. Ida has not revealed details of her early life, other than her nationality.

Ida preferred to conceal info on her family members in Sweden. The lady lives a public life but in a low-key manner that gives her the freedom to keep up her privacy.

Hence, someday during her long journey in the films, Ida might let her fans know about her early life with her family, they believe.

Height, Weight, Measurements

By her height, Ida Engvoll is 5 feet 4.5 inches tall. She has perfect body measurements of 34-25-34, which goes best with her weight of 54 kgs.

The Swedish white lady manages to captivate the viewer with her remarkable attributes, each time she appears on-screen.

Moreover, Ida’s unique eyes are always an eye-catcher. They express much of what she is trying to portray during her role plays.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

It seems that Ida Engvoll has never been that intrigued by social media. She was never a frequent poster on social media, despite considerable fame.

Ida had a Twitter account, that she joined back in June 2012. She made some tweets in 2012 and then in 2013 too. Until May 2013 Ida had been active on Twitter for nearly a year. However, after May 2013, she never tweeted back until 2020.

When it comes to Instagram, Ida first posted on the social media platform only in January 2020. As said, “better late than never”, her fans were extremely pleased when they saw their idol on Instagram.

Fans are always the ones motivating you towards everything you do when you’re a celebrated personal. But there was one major reason behind her fans’ happiness after Ida made her first post on Instagram.

Her fans had some fan pages of Ida, where they’d been posting since 2017. One of the accounts had hundreds of pictures and clips of her work throughout.

Talking about her Facebook, Ida never had a public Facebook account.

Ida Engvoll Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows

Ida Engvoll has been a part of some tremendously popular movies and TV shows. All of the once she appeared in until 2020 had high ratings.

Ida’s role of Sonja in the 2015 movie A Man Called Ove (original title- En man som heter Ove), gripped all praises. Also, in the movie White Trash, (original title- Vitt skrap) she portrayed the role of Kim perfectly. In both, the movies, Ida’s role got high attention.

On the other hand, regarding TV Shows, Ida played in the popular series The Restaurant, Bonus Family, and the famous crime series, Rebecka Martinsson. She has also played a major role in the 2020 comedy series Love & Anarchy.

For all her roles to the date, Ida Engvoll reportedly garnered a net worth of over $850 thousand.

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Ida Engvoll On “Love & Anarchy”

Love & Anarchy (original Swedish title- Kärlek & Anarki) is a long-awaited Netflix series, released in November 2020. It is a romantic comedy series, where she appears portraying the major protagonist, Sofie.

In her character portrayal of Sofie, Ida is a married woman and a mother of two children alongside being an established consultant. The show heads towards the flirty game between Sofie and Max, the young IT expert, that challenges the societal norms. The show takes totally different turn after an initial intro-drama.


Ida Engvoll in her role of Sofie in the Netflix series “Love & Anarchy”. (Pic- Netflix)

For its release under the well-known comedy production company FLX, Love & Anarchy certainly has enough dose of comedy. And with no less drama, Love & Anarchy evidently meet the audiences’ expectations.

Is Ida Engvoll Married? Who Is Her Partner?

Ida Engvol never revealed whether or not is she married, but her roles of wife and girlfriend always take away millions of breaths.

Like her other personal details, the popular star is yet to speak publicly on her relationships. All focused on her work, it seems like Ida’s work is itself her partner.

Whatsoever, her fans and followers are eager to hear from the lady herself about her real-life partner.

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