Helen Benham is best known as the former wife, business partner, and confidante of late Scholastic CEO Maurice Richard Robinson Jr. or Richard Robinson. After Richard passed away at the age of 84, his ex-wife and his children have been in the center of attention.

Scroll down this Helen Benham Wiki to learn more about Richard Robinson’s Wife.

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Helen Benham Age

Helen Benham was 71 years old as of early August 2021, assuming that she hasn’t celebrated her birthday in 2021 by then. According to the records of Scholastic, Helen and her late ex-husband had an age difference of 13 years. However, she hasn’t revealed any further information on her date of birth. So, her zodiac sign and her birthday remain obscure as of this writing.

Helen Benham Family

Born to Virginia Adams Benham and her anonymous husband, Helen Benham is a native of New York, United States. Almost nothing surfaced on the patriarch of the Benham family. (Adipex) Meanwhile, her mother Virginia was a resident of Martha’s Vineyard in New York. She was an amazing intellect, insight, and curiosity, often praised the wonderful sense of humor, love of music, and talent as an editor at Scholastic.

Sadly, it was heartbreaking for Helen when Virginia died at the age of 99 on 27 April 2018 in her home in New York.

Virginia was survived by Helen Benham and her sisters Anne Benham of Charlottesville, Va. and Joan Benham of New York City. She was also survived by her sister and Helen’s aunt Helen Allen of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Her Height

Standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters), Hele Benham has often been praised for not looking old. She has blonde hair and loves accentuating her beauty with a pair of hoops.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Helen Benham, on Facebook, can be discovered under her real name. She kept her account private so her profile picture is the only post that appears on the platform. On Instagram, she goes by the name (@helen.v.benham). Her private IG account garnered 115 followers until Aug 2021. She posted 152 times in total but privacy didn’t allow us to have a look at her posts.

Helen couldn’t be discovered on Twitter.

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Helen Benham Job

Helen Benham worked for Scholastic for 33 years as an editorial director, publisher, and corporate vice president. She also worked as a close confidante to her ex-husband Maurice Richard Robinson Jr.

As reported, Helen founded the Early Childhood Division at Scholastic. She joined the company in 1974, working first in the Book Club Art Department. Then, she started working in the Text Division. Later, on she became Editorial Director in the Classroom Magazine Division.

In 1990, Helen was named Vice President ad Publisher of the Early Childhood Division. After six years, she became the Corporate Vice President of the Early Childhood Division.

Scholastic, under Richard, generated as much as $1.6 billion annual revenue and became the largest publisher and distributor of children’s books in the world.

In the company, Helen had 134, 283 (6) common stock according to the company records.

Helen also served as the trustee of the Helen V Benham Foundation in New York which had total assets of $883 thousand.

Talking about net worth, Helen Benham should be worth nearly over $20 million.

Helen was listed as the owner of a 95.6-acre parcel, valued at $10.8 million in June 2016. She made headlines when Chilmark selectmen spoke with her and interested parties to hear a proposal to build the new town public safety building on Middle Road, instead of on a parcel owned by Ms. Benham next to the community center on South Road.

The Natural Heritage Endangered Species Program identified her property as being a habitat for rare and endangered species.

Helen Benham And Richard Robinson: Wedding, Kids

Helen Benham and Richard Robinson married in 1986. The couple divorced in 2003 after 17 years of their marriage. While they were married, they ended up having two sons John Benham “Ben” Robinson and Maurice “Reece” Richard Adams Robinson.

Richard graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. He also graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College with a bachelor’s degree in English. He later studied at St. Catharine’s College, part of the University of Cambridge in England, and at Teachers College at Columbia University.

On 5 June 2021, Helen lost her ex-husband, Richard who according to her son had a sudden stroke or heart attack when he went for a walk outside the family home on the island in Greenwich Village.

Maurice “Reece” Richard Adams Robinson, born and raised in New York, worked as a filmmaker. He spent Spring 2020 working as a field producer and camera operator on The First Wave, a National Geographic documentary.

Talking about education, Richard attended and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Skidmore College in New York. His other notable works included directing, filming, and producing a documentary on border conflict and significant human rights violations coming from racism-provoked police brutality during a 2017 trip to Nepal.

Talking about John Benham “Ben” Robinson, he lives off the land and owns a sawmill and workshop on Martha’s Vineyard that makes lumber, flooring, and furniture.

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