On 28th Dec 2020, The Real Housewives of Jersey premiered on ITVBe. Hedi Green is one of the leading ladies featured on the Brit series.

This Hedi Green wiki tries to discover the reality star’s husband, net worth, and height. Also, read along and find out her age.

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Hedi Green Age, Birthday, Zodiac

When The Real Housewives of Jersey premiered in late-2020, Hedi Green was 57 years of age. Meanwhile, Hedi’s birthday and zodiac weren’t available.

On Instagram, Hedi described herself as an adventurer, skydiver, and biker.

Hedi Green Wiki — Family, Early Life, Hometown

Hedi Green spent her early life in India. Admittedly, she lived in the South Asian country for about 6 years. Although her hometown remained anonymous, Hedi lived in London during her youth.

According to Hedi, her friends and family would describe her as a hard worker, survivor, and fun-loving person.

Interested in natural medicine at a young age, Hedi watched her grandmother perform miracles using diet and plants.

What’s more, Hedi’s mother was still alive to see her become a reality star. According to Hedi, her mother never heard of the Real Housewives franchise.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Reportedly, Hedi Green stands no more than 5 feet 8 inches in height. Similarly, her weight appears at around 57 kg.

To mention her distinct features, Hedi possesses high cheekbones. The Brit bombshell once said she wishes some like Charlize Theron would play her in a movie.

By her admission, Hedi has an eclectic style of dress collection. The items on her closest are mostly black and casual.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As of Jan 2021, Hedi was available on Instagram with around 4.2 thousand followers on the platform. Around the same time, she had over 260 posts.

However, Hedi didn’t seem interested in joining Twitter and Facebook.

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Hedi Green Net Worth, Job, Career

By job, Hedi Green is a natural health practitioner. noted she is ” a health and wellness professional”.

Inspired by her grandmother, Hedi received a diploma from the London School of Sports Massage. Specializing in Remedial and Sports Massage, she graduated in 1994.

When not occupied with her job, Hedi admittedly sought the thrill by riding motorbikes and skydiving. What’s more, she joined a competitive skydiving team in 2018.

From her 25-year-long career, Hedi Green allegedly amassed more than $1.5 million net worth.

Hedi Green On Real Housewives Of Jersey

Hedi never saw herself as the Real Housewives type. Thus, she was taken aback when the producers ask her to join the franchise. It was her daughter Abi who placed her a candidate.

In her Dec 2020 interview, Hedi described getting to know her co-stars as the favorite thing about being a housewife. She even predicted the fans will remember her as the one who avoided drama.

Long before they were co-stars, Hedi and Kate Taylor were life-long friends. The duo became friends in their 20s and continued to be so in their 50s.

Hedi Green Husband, Daughters, Divorce

As of Jan 2021, Hedi Green was happily single. She had long divorced her husband.

In the past, Hedi was married at least once. From her first marriage, she had two daughters: Cordelia and Abigail. Hedi met Cordelia and Abigal’s father in London. Following the nuptials, she began calling Jersey her home.

In Aug 2019, Hedi’s daughter, Abigal got married to a man whose last name is Overland.

Hedi also has a daughter named Laetitia. It’s unclear whether Hedi ever married Laetitia’s father.

As of Jan 2021, Laetitia was still living with Hedi alongside a cat and a dog.

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