Hayley Hasselhoff made history as the first “curve” model to be featured on the cover of a European edition of Playboy magazine. To express her joy, Hayley took it to her IG to post the cover picture alongside a long caption. A part of which wrote that the cover signified for “inclusivity and its greater purpose towards female empowerment.”

Also, she took the time out to explain that her relationship with her body has always stemmed from her relationship with her mental wellbeing. Overall, she wanted to use the platform to “express that you have the power to love your body,” and “inspire women to face their fears of the unknown”.

So, while we know enough about her aspiration in the modeling world, what was going on in her private life? Does Hayley Hasselhoff have a husband or a boyfriend? Stay till the end to learn all about it. 

How Old Is She?

Hayley Hasselhoff was born on Aug 26, 1992. That made her 28 years of age in 2021.

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Hayley Hasselhoff Young

Born to the actor David Hasselhoff, Hayley inherits the charismatic genes from her father. She wasn’t as “curvy” as she was back when she was young. According to her, it was at the age of 8 when her bosoms grew first. But she had support parents — David, and mom, actress Pamela Bach, who let her make her own choices. 

Also, her sister Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff was always there for her.


Young Hayley Hasselhoff Circa 2009 (Source: Instagram)

Hayley Hasselhoff Weight Loss

The 5’8” model, Hayley Hasselhoff has been a curve model since 14. She believed that the plus-size models “are probably the most toned and fit models.” And also, being one of them, saved her “self-esteem.”

So, Hayley Hasselhoff never needed weight loss for validation. She was proud of her body and wanted others to be proud of their as well. Previously, she even appeared on the cover of the body positive magazine SLiNK where she said, “We all have moments of doubt in our body but we must rise above and love our bodies for all that they are.”

Is She On TikTok?

Yes, as of April 2021, Hayley was present on TikTok @hayleyhasselhoff? with 299 followers. Comparatively, her Instagram had 110K followers and Facebook had 258 followers then.

Hayley Hasselhoff Net Worth

Hayley Hasselhoff garnered a net worth of over $8 million by 2021. Moreover, she was also entitled to her father David Hasselhoff’s stunning $10 million net worth then.

Before 2021, she was signed with Wilhelmina Models and Ford Modeling.

But this successful curvy model, in fact, never wanted to be a model. She shared, 

“It kind of came out of the blue and when it did, I just fell in love with it, but I always was considered a plus-size model. I never felt the need to change who I am. I’ve always felt the need to appreciate and love who I am.”

Apart from modeling, Hayley was also into acting. She has appeared on TV shows like Baywatch (2000), Huge (2010), Pair of Kings (2012), Loosely Exactly Nicole (2018), Why Women Kill (2019), and many more.

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Hayley Hasselhoff Boyfriend, Husband, Dominic Charles Farrell

As of 2021, Hayley Hasselhoff was still with her boyfriend, Dominic Charles Farrell, and she described their romance as ”’literally a Love Actually movie.” The two started going out in 2017, and post many dates, they also spent the 2018 Christmas together with Charles’s family in the UK. 

Trivia: Hayley, and Dominic also attended the Marie Claire Future Shapers Awards together in September 2019 in London, England

They were last spotted together awaiting the 2019 Christmas.

By then, Hayley referred to Charles as her “partner”, and not as her boyfriend or husband. 

Little info about Dominic Charles Farrell: He is a professional photographer, who is also an aspiring model. Some of Hayley’s pictures including the Plus Perfekt business edition cover were taken by Dominic.

On most of Hayley’s birthday, Dominic took it to his IG to share his feelings for her. Some of which wrote, “Taking a punt on you was the best decision I’ve made.”, “28 years old and what a beautiful soul you are.”


Hayley Hasselhoff with her boyfriend, Dominic Charles Farrell (Source: Instagram)

Before Dominic, Hayley was rumored to be dating the Geordie Shore star, Kyle Christie. The gossips began after the duo were spotted together on numerous occasions. Moreover, Hayley even shared a picture of them getting intimate over his IG.

However, later it was revealed that the two weren’t dating, instead only posing as a couple for the TV show Celebrity Showmance. No wonder, the show was popular for linking unlikely couples and garnering as much attention as possible.

Kyle later went on to date reality star Holly Hagan and was expecting a child with his girlfriend Vicky Turner.

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