On 18 May 2020, YouTuber/Instagram influencer Hayley Pham took her fans by surprise. The social media celebrity posted pictures of herself and her boyfriend Ryan Trahan, which pictured the moment of Ryan proposing to her with a ring.

The engaged Influencer once again dragged attention on herself and her fiancee with the announcement. This wiki-article explores the life, career, family, and boyfriend details of Hayley Pham. So, scroll down to learn more.

Haley Pham Is Of Vietnamese Descent

As per Famous Birthdays, Haley Pham was born on 5 December 2020. She turned 19 years old while celebrating her birthday in 2019.

Per her date of birth, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Haley was born to her anonymous parents in Austin, Texas. Haley’s parents are divorced. Following the divorce, her mother who she refers to as ‘Mamma Pham’ lost her job.

As many entertainment news portals reported, she inherited Vietnamese heritage from her family. Moreover, no additional information on her parents was made public including details on her possible siblings.

Haley proudly hails Asian-American ethnicity.

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Her Height & Social Media Reach Were Impressive

Those who are familiar with Haley’s content, no one can deny but submit to the fact that she is a beauty. And her mixed heritage certainly further complimented her exotic looks.

Haley stands at an average height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters) and weighed about 52 kilograms (114 lbs). Also, the social media influencers flaunt 34-25-35 inches measurements on her Instagram handle.

As an aspiring social media star, Haley created quite a stir on several social media platforms within a short period when she started.

Her Instagram account accumulated a total of 992k followers as of the spring of 2020. Whereas, her Twitter account boasts 83.1k followers at the same time.

Besides that, her prominence also grew exponentially on YouTube and TikTok. Her self-titled YouTube channel garnered her a total of 2.29 million subscribers.

Likewise, her eponymous TikTok account earned her 958.3k followers with 25.4 million likes in total.

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Haley Pham Possessed A Solid Net Worth

Vlogging for Haley was not more than a mere hobby, not knowing what it would eventually amount to. As an inexperienced enthusiast, she started her career on YouTube with make-up tips.

But with time, she honed skills that are required to make it a successful YouTuber. By 2015, most of the videos on her channel gathered views between 50k and 500k.

Along with a successful YouTube career, she continued with her passion for dancing. The channel sheltered most of the activities and events she then attended as a dancer.

And also, Hayley provided tips for aspiring, rookie, and intermediate dancers.

Furthermore, she went on to explore several ideas to bring versatility to her content. Prank videos, vlog on her life, music videos, and other new ideas — to name a few.

With the burgeoning fame on YouTube, she decided to expand her self-titled brand on other platforms. And that included Instagram and TikTok which certainly accepted her with an open arm.

Following high school graduation, Hayley made a decision not to carry on with the academic pursuit. Rather, she opted to create a vast number of social media followings.

The business-savvy influencer’s choice treated her well, as several local brands endorsed her to represent or review their products. Plus, Hayley also started her line of merch titled ‘Girl Pop Apparel‘ which contributed to her net worth.

As of May of 2020, Hayley’s income as an influencer and entrepreneur helped her stack a solid net worth of $750k.

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Haley Pham & Ryan Trahan: Dating, Engaged, Married

Haley started dating her future fiance Ryan Trahan in 2018 or at least made it public then. Though the pair omitted revealing details on how they met each other, social media certainly played its hand in bringing them together. (Xanax)

The influencer-duo made several videos together and even planned on creating a joint YouTube channel. In 2019, out of the collaboration, the in-love couple launched their channel.


Hayley and her boyfriend Ryan Trahan on 18 May 2020 (Pic: Hayley’s Instagram)

On 18 May 2020, Haley surprised her Phamily (her fanbase) with an announcement on her Instagram. She posted a picture with a caption that read: “We’re engaged 💍”

In the post, Haley was in awe standing up while her boyfriend Ryan was down on his knees proposing to her.

The engaged couple surely took a big step in their life, not to mention both young. But as they say, when it’s right, it’s right.

Conclusively, fans expressed nothing but happiness for the engaged couple and awaiting the announcement of their big day of marriage.

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