If you do not know Mickey Guyton, you really need to know her. She is a new country music sensation, breaking records with her music about the Black Lives Matter movement and becoming the first woman to host American Country Music Awards. In her honor, this article is about her husband, Grant Savoy.

Read along to know more about the man who stole the heart of a singer who stole our hearts.

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Grant Savoy Age

We do not know the exact date of birth of Grant. We do know that he was about a year younger than his wife, Mickey Guyton. And Mickey was born on 17 June 1983. Meaning, as of now, i.e. April 2021, she was 37 years of age. And thus, Grant Savoy was 36 years of age.

Grant Savoy Family, Is He Hawaiian?

Yes, Grant Savoy is Hawaiian. Actually, he is from Kauai, Hawaii. However, on his Facebook profile, Santa Barbara, California was mentioned as his hometown. It was most likely that Grant had his roots in Hawaii but actually grew up in California.

Well, we do not know much about Grant’s family, except that they have the Hawaiian heritage in them. His father actually died before 2012. On his Facebook profile, some family members, both uncles, were mentioned: Rich Vindinha and Robert Vindinha.

His Height

Grant Savoy stands at a tall height of 6 ft 4 inches. Grant’s distinct features include dark hair and brown eyes.

His Instagram, Facebook

Grant does not seem to be present on most of the social media platforms except for Facebook. He was not on Instagram or Twitter. His Facebook had a lot of pictures of him and his wife Mickey Guyton.

Also, he was heavily featured on Mickey’s Instagram.

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Grant Savoy Job

Professionally, Grant is a lawyer.

Before diving into law, he did a BA in communications from California State University-Northridge. He graduated in 2007. A year later, he had joined Southwestern University School of Law for a JD in Criminal Law. He graduated in the year 2011 top of his class and was also named on the Dean’s List.

As a practicing lawyer, Grant has worked for multiple, both governmental and private, sectors. When he was still in law school, he interned for the Office of Ventura County Public Defender and also for Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

After graduation, Grant had worked for a Criminal Defence Firm called Bruce Margolin. He had also worked for non-profit civil rights organizations like the National Association for the Advancement of Multi jurisdiction Practice.

During all these works, Grant also had his own firm called Solouki Savoy, LLP. The firm, which was established in 2012, was a Business Litigation as well as a Criminal Defence firm.

Grant lived and worked in LA. And the average salary of a lawyer in LA was $150 thousand. And since Grant had had almost 10 years of experience as a law practitioner, his salary must be a little higher than that.

His net worth, as of April 2021, was a little under $1 million. His wife, who was much more popular, also had around a similar amount of net worth, a little over $1 million.

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Grant Savoy And Mickey Guyton: Wedding, Kids

As we have already said, Grant Savoy is the husband of country singer Mickey Guyton, famous for songs like Better Than You Left Me. Mickey was born in Arlington, Texas, and started to sing at the age of five, singing gospel in the church.

Mickey’s parents were Michael Eugene Guyton and Phyllis Ann Roddy. Apart from her parents, she also has a younger sister in the family. Also, Mickey hosted the 2021 ACM (American Country Music) Awards, becoming the first black woman to do so.

According to some insider’s reports, Grant loves Mickey’s music and thinks that she is an amazing artist.

Grant and Mickey first met through Grant’s step-sister who was also Mickey’s best friend. That was sometime around 2010.

When they first met, the sparks flew very early on, but there were also some dark moments. Mickey, at that time, was really struggling inside. And Grant helped her heal, slowly, until she became better. By that time, the love had been forged unbreakably.

The couple dated for a few years and eventually got engaged in 2013. They enjoyed a long engagement. They finally got married at a small wedding in Kauai, Hawaii in June 2017. Initially, it was a family vacation, Mickey’s family visiting Grant’s homeland.

The family vacation then turned into a wedding with only 23 guests but everyone close and the wedding very intimate.


Grant Savoy and Mickey Guyton during their wedding (PC: Mickey’s IG)

In February 2021, Mickey and Grant had their first child, a son they named Grayson. Mickey Instagrammed a photo of the baby Grayson saying the difficulty and joy of having her first child.

The Savoy-Guyton family looked happy and healthy at this moment.

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