Erika Thompson’s popularity flourished on TikTok as “TikTok’s Beekeeper”. She garnered over 6 million followers. However, she found herself embroiled in a drama when a fellow beekeeper and a TikToker Friday Chamberlain @lahoneybeerescue accused her of being fake.

Scroll down to learn more on the drama and other details on TikTok Beekeeper with this Erika Thompson Wiki.

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Erika Thompson Drama

TikTok has all kinds of drama and this one involved clash between professional bee-keeper Erik Thompson (@texasbeeworks) and another beekeeper Friday Chamberlain (@lahoneybeerescue). @lahoneybeerescue’s Friday posted a video accusing Erika of misrepresenting the work of bee swarm removal.

Friday claimed Erika’s methods were fake, unsafe, and misinforming. She argued that Erika is removing the hive without any protective gears, or thick clothes and some of them showed her on tank tops and leggings. So, she concluded that it was all fake and cause harm to a lot of the viewers because of her huge social media reach.

Friday also accused her of not using the proper tools required for bee removal. While @lahoneybeerescue threatened Erika, the latter hasn’t responded in any form.

Erika Thompson Age

According to Famous Birthdays, Erika Thompson was born on 23 February. So, Pisces is her zodiac sign that comes with character traits such as active, intuitive, and selflessness. Furthermore, she turned 35 years old in February 2021.

Her Height

Not only Erika Thompson is a pretty white lady, but she also stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). Furthermore, her slim body weighed about 52 kilograms (114 lbs) as of this writing.

As for her distinct features, Erika has gorgeous thick hair with the same color that is of honey.

Erika Thompson Family

Erika Thompson was born to her anonymous parents in her hometown of Katy, Texas, the United States. Besides a couple of references on featured articles, almost no information has been shared on Erika as of this writing. This hinted at the bee keeper’s private nature.

Furthermore, Erika Thompson also zipped up her lips when it came to details on her siblings.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Social media is where Erika thrived and earned her recognition from. Until June 2021, she garnered an impressive 577k followers with a verified account. She posted 709 times on the platform.

Moreover, Erika was on Twitter with 35k followers on her Twitter. She only tweeted 23 times with her recent tweet dating on 1 June 2021. In the same way, Erika also created a Facebook profile where she was friends with a little over 400 people.

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Erika Thompson Net Worth

As a beekeeper and businesswoman, Erika Thompson pooled a total net worth of $1.5 million.

Erika always had a fascination with insects from a very young age. Her mother, however, wouldn’t let her have a pet for a very long time. So, she used to bring bugs home that she caught while playing. But, when she turned 16 years old she got her first actual pet, a dalmatian.

In 2011, Erika wanted to join a beekeeping class and wanted to learn more about the business. However, she had no intention of being a bee-keeper. She learned the basics of handling the winged pollinators. She scoured the internet, read books, and watched YouTube for tutorials.

Erika attended The University of Texas at Austin. There, she studied Geography and the Environment and minored in English. She graduated from the university in 2010.

Before beekeeping, she had a job as a marketing and membership assistant at Texas Hotel & Lodging Association. Later, she was promoted to executive assistant to the president and CEO. After a year, Erika ranked up to become Director of communications.

What’s more, Erika had also worked at AIA Austin as Director of Membership and Communications. She served in the position for almost 2 and a half years.

However, it was her bee-keeping business that brought her fame and recognition. Erika founded Texas Beework in December of 2012 and the business thrived ever since. She moved with the motto “Hive before Honey” which helped protect bees.

In fact, Erika was vocal about protecting the bees so she proposed the lawmakers ban bee-killing pesticides in 2019. Environment Texas delivered 12,000 petitions to legislators that called for a statewide ban on neonicotinoid pesticides.

Along with the usual course of business, Erika also decided to get down on TikTik where she documented her time working with the bees and talked about her job. Her TikTok earned a mind-boggling 6 million followers where her videos earned her 80.4 million likes.

Besides her work with bees, Erika has also starred on a TV game show titled, To Tell The Truth, which aired on ABC. It was 50 years old game show that was revived again on ABC. She appeared on the game as Oprah’s pedicurist or a professional beekeeper.

Erika Thompson Husband

Erika Thompson is a married lady. She tied the knots with her husband, Andrew Hollister almost six months after she started her own TikTok. The married couple had planned their wedding for early on, but the COVID-19 pandemic led to postponing their marriage.


Erika and her husband Andrew on the day of their wedding (Pic: Erika’s Instagram)

Later on 10 October 2020, Erika and Andrew shared their vows in an outdoor wedding under the 100-year-old pecan tree on the banks of the Colorado River. The nuptials was made special by the married couple’s three dogs and a beehive living in a log that was placed at the end of the aisle.

Erika thanked her mom especially, as she worked day-in-day-out preparing for the wedding and even got a horrible case of poison ivy.

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