Erich Preach and Aba Atlas formed a team so that he could react and made make commentaries on the contents. However, he is attending success and is nowhere near stopping.

Scroll down as the wiki unfolds info on Erich along with other details.

Biography — Ethnic Background, Hometown, Family

Like Aba Atlas, Erich Preach is also of African origin. But unlike Aba who is of Ethiopian Heritage, Erich is of Haitian-Canadian ethnic background. Much information that exists on the comedian is hiding behind the eyes and ears of the public.

Even though the information on his parents is shrouded in mystery, he often Tweets about his father and his mother. Besides, he called a Facebook user Vero Hibiscus as his mother.

Born Erich Etienne, he hailed from his hometown of Montreal in Canada.

Whereas, he also cussed on Twitter about his father not having a Facebook while he wished him a happy father’s day and that’s that we know of his parents.

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Erich Preach Wiki — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Along with the details on his family members, Erich Preach didn’t share any precise details on his birthday. Owing to that, Erich’s age and his zodiac sign remain a mystery.

Moreover, Erich is yet to share other personal details. He’s fluent in French.

Erich Preach Height, Weight, Distinct Features

As per the resume of Erich Preach on he stands tall at the height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). Likewise, the comedian put on a body weight up to 104 kilograms (230 lbs) as listed on the CV.

What’s more, Erich Preach keeps braided hair and like Aba, he also has a gapped tooth on front. As a dancer, he is physically active and isn’t afraid to break some sweats every once in a while.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Getting into social media reach, Erich Preach has earned quite an impressive number of followers. By Sept 2021, his Twitter account earned a total of 398 followers in total.

Moreover, he earned more than 35k followers on his Instagram account. Whereas, his Facebook page gathered 10k people following him. In the same way, his Facebook account had an impressive 3.5k and growing followers.

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Erich Preach Job, Net Worth, YouTube Earnings

Erich Preach initially started as a dancer. His social media accounts sheltered most of his earliest time as a dancer performing in different venues on stage.

The YouTuber also competed in Juste Debout Canada 2012. His talent is nowhere stopping right there as he also hosted shows.

But only after Mike Ward discovered his raw talent, he inspired Erich to try a shot at acting. Mike discovered him in Brothel Come die club. Erich has multiple shows but only after he landed a job at Aba Atlas did his career blew up.

The duo also founded several branded events as Le Aba & Preach & Friends. They also went on to do Roster Open-Mic, The Cook-out, and LE Ethnic Show.

In 2018, Erich and Aba sold out Club Soda 2018. In 2019, the duo performed at the Just For Laugh’s Festival.

As of this writing, Erich Preach and Aba boast 906k followers in total.

As for his IMDB account, Erich Preach starred on two TV shows, Connection in Progress (2016) and The Arena (2018). Additionally, he was featured as a guest on various TV shows including Under Listening (2016-2020) among others.

On top of that, Erich is also the star of many podcast shows including his own titled @lesfallopes.

As for his net worth, Erich Preach’s earnings from TV shows, podcasts, and YouTube earned him a total net worth of $350 thousand.

Erich Preach Girlfriend, Wife, Partner

In Aug 2021, Aba Atlas and Erich Preach got into a public spat with fellow YouTubers Fresh and Fit. Their beef began when the former duo reacted to the latter duo’s video about prostitution. As the tensions escalated, Fresh and Fit made nasty comments about Erich Preach’s wife. Erich would also accept Fresh and Fit’s challenge to a boxing match. Meanwhile, Fresh and Fit issued an apology to their supporters for engaging in a pointless beef.

It was the only time that Erich’s girlfriend-turned-life partner made the news.

According to Erich, his wife is a shy person and doesn’t want to be part of the entertainment world. Admittedly, Erich respects his wife’s wishes and doesn’t share an insight into their married life.

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