Rapper Machine Gun Kelly AKA Richard Colson Baker dated many beautiful women in his life. But, among all the women that he saw over the years, his baby mama Emma Cannon was the least shared individual among all the beauties.

Scroll down this article to know more about this MGK’s baby mama with Emma Cannon Wiki.

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Emma Cannon Age

The name Emma Cannon gains value only if it comes conjoined with the name MGK. The rapper and his baby mother reportedly met each other as a teenager. So, Emma has to be around the same age as her ex-boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly.

Much of the information that existed on Emma Cannon remains a secret. And the list of things that is to be unraveled includes detail on her age and her birthday.

Emma Cannon Ethnicity

Of course, it was pretty obvious for people to deduce that Emma Cannon was of African-American ethnicity. Almost no pictures of Emma Cannon have been shared on social media. And even the rapper prefers to keep information about his baby mother away from public knowledge.

Just because, MGK hailed from Houston, Texas, fans assumed his baby-mother Emma Cannon should also come from his hometown. A member in Lipstick Alley shared a picture of a woman who was supposed to be Emma Cannon.

But there was no verification on if she was the real Emma. Whereas, one other user argued that Emma Cannon was the name only used to hide the real identity of Emma’s baby mother.

Her Height

There’s hardly an individual that surfaced on the internet that could confirm the identity and appearances of Emma Cannon. So, we can only imagine she stands a little shorter than her rapper ex-boyfriend who is 6 feet 3.5 inches (1.92 meters).

However, if the picture shared on the Lipstick Alley was actually hers, then Emma Cannon must be around 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters).

Emma Cannon Instagram

By now, readers probably guessed that Emma Cannon don’t own a social media account. And if you’ve guessed that, then you’re 10 for 10 about it. She doesn’t seem to be on any of the social media platforms.

On platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, none of the social media sites had a profile with that name that was even remotely related to the woman we’ve been looking for.

Her Job

A woman between the late ’20s and early ’30s, Emma Cannon has to have a job to pay the bills and support her family. So, along with her identity and details on family, Emma’s job and career also remain a mystery.

Plus, her education and college degrees that she earned are also hidden along with other details. But, the fact that Emma kept her identity concealed for such a long time so dexterously left people wondering she had any financial arrangement to keep her lips sealed.

But, all of that was just rumors like any other stories, so we couldn’t confirm that for sure.

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Emma Cannon And MGK: Split, Daughter

Among all the assumptions revolved around the relationship one fact that remains accurate was they started seeing each other in their teens. After dating for a while, Emma and Kelly welcomed their daughter into the world.


Emma Cannon shared by a member on Lipstick Alley (Pic: Lipstick Alley)

They named the mixed-race child, Casie Colson Baker. While MGK keeps his baby mother away from media attention, Emma Cannon never gets tired of showing off his love to his daughter to the world. While MGK received criticism for his ways for many things, people who knew him admired him for being a great dad to Casie.

Born on 24 July 2008, Casie celebrated her 12th birthday in July of 2020.

In 2013, MGK went on Instagram, “Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother I’ve seen first hand.”

MGK separated from Emma for a while now but they allegedly maintained a good relationship even after the separation. Furthermore, they might’ve agreed upon an arrangement to co-parent Casie.

Who Else Has MGK Dated?

After MGK’s separation from Emma Cannon, Rap Devil hit-maker started seeing Amber Rose in April 2015. But because of their hectic lifestyle, they decided to separate on a mutual understanding two months after.

In March 2017, MGK’s name came attached with Closer songstress Halsey. The media spotted them together at a tropical getaway. The snap of the two again re-appeared in July of 2018. However, both involved in the relationship confirmed that they weren’t “dating” each other, on a separate incident.

But, MGK did agree that they were getting intimate with each other. They again reunited for the song “Forgot Me Too.”

Also, fans of Kelly again stirred conversation with Chantel in July of 2019. They were spotted hanging out in Los Angeles and even attended a Fourth of July party together. The rapper again added Kate Beckinsale to his list of hotties that he dated.

But, fans of MGK ravaged her Kate with criticism for dating Pete Davidson, a very close friend of MGK. But, Kate clapped back for getting trolled for hanging out with the rapper. She urged the commentators to focus on real-life problems such as the Australian wildfire rather than her dating life.

MGK was again linked with Noah Cyrus. They were spotted getting cozy at Grammy afterparty. The relationship was never confirmed.

Fans always jumped to a conclusion when it comes to their favorite artist. And the same thing happened when Forgot Me Too rapper pictures of them together, and they weren’t wrong. The rapper confirmed the relation by sharing two pictures of the two on Twitter.

A month later, MGK confirmed their separation.

Starting from May of 2020, a rumor of MGK dating actress/model Megan Fox surfaced after they were spotted together. In December of 2019, Brian Austin Green confirmed his separation from Megan after 10 years of marriage. In June of 2020, the relationship was confirmed.

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