Some people set a mark with uniqueness in their personality. Emerald Fennell is certainly someone who stood out from the crowd and made it big in her career.

She is an actor, director, screenwriter, and author, known for her poise in everything she does. To know more about who she is and what family she belonged to, read further!

Biography Info — Age, Family, Education

In the year 2020, Emerald Fennell reached the age of 35. It seems like her creative mind evolved from her family itself.

Emerald was born to an author mother, Louise Fennell, and a jewelry designer father, Theo Fennell. She also has a sister, Coco Fennell, who works as a fashion designer.

The whole of Emeral’s family is involved in artistic jobs. And especially for her, she derived her work from both her parents.

Film Direction is the use of the mind to create certain designs while her job as an author and screenwriter goes with her mother’s work.

The creative family background must have helped  Emeral to set herself in a similar line ever since her early age. It’s because, for her education, she went to the University of Oxford to obtain a BA degree in English.

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Emerald Fennell Height

Emerald Fennell stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 62 kgs. Besides, the lady has splendid looking facial features and overall body measurements.

Is She On Instagram?

No. Emerald Fennell had several fans account on Facebook and Instagram but didn’t actuate her own official account.

However, she is active on Twitter where she had more than 19.6K followers until the mids of November 2020.

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Emerald Fennell Net Worth — $1.5 Million

All in all, for her dedication in the field of entertainment and creativity, Emerald Fennell garnered a net worth of about $1.5 million.

As apparent through her jobs, Emerald is a multi-tasker. Held by a passion for creativity, she proved nothing is impossible if you will.

The English lady is an actor, director, author, and screenwriter too. She started acting in her mid-20s and within 2-3 years, also published her first novel.

Before her initial screen appearance with the 2010 drama Any Human Heart, Emerald wrote the script for the 2008 romantic comedy Chukka.

Further, she also played her role in the 2012 movie Anna Karenina, an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel with the title.

Later, in 2014, Emerald joined the cast of the popular BBC One series Call the Midwife. Ever since then, people adored her role of Parsy Mount 

Similarly, Emerald is also known for 2015’s The Danish Girl and 2019’s Vita & Virginia. Moreover, her role of Camilla Shand in the Netflix series The Crown’s third season rose her to higher fame.

Emerald’s writing work also progressed with her first novel Shiverton Hall (2013) and then The Creeper (2014), which was the sequel of Shiverton Hall.

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Emerald Fennell Husband, Boyfriend, Baby

Emerald Fennell’s roleplay opposite her onscreen husband from the 2010 TV series, Any Human Heart, Sam Claflin has been talked about for a long. But what about her real-life boyfriend? 

Emerald Fennell always remained secretive about her real-life boyfriend. However, with the pending birth of her baby in early 2019, her relationship certainly got some limelight.

Emerald supposedly started dating her director boyfriend, Chris Vernon at least in 2008. Her and Chris’ more than a decade long relationship didn’t come out to the public for long.

Emerald met her baby father during her gap year when she visited Paris.

Furthermore, she directed a short film for TED 2018, together with her boyfriend. Their chemistry as a couple is not very apparent to the public. However, Emerald and Chris do not leave a stone unturned to perfect their professional chemistry.


Emerald Fennell poses with her boyfriend Chris Vernon. (Pic- Getty Images)

With being an amazing boyfriend and father, Chris Vernon is Emerald Fennell’s best possible future husband. But the two have not even assured their relationship status in public. So their fans and followers are still not sure whether Chris and Emerald are boyfriend and girlfriend, fiances, or husband and wife.

Whatsoever, the couple had a baby together in November 2019 and seem to love parenting.

In 2016, Emerald tweeted about getting married. She said she wanted Denise Richards to sing “Take me out of the ballgame” when she would walk down the aisle.

Hopefully, this dream of her comes true, sooner or later.

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