Meet Eirianedd Munro, popular as the girlfriend to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics 100-meter breaststroke champion Adam Peaty.

Yes, if you aren’t updated, her boyfriend finished the event in 57.37 seconds and bagged home the Olympics gold medal for the second time. Previously, he captured first place in the same category at the 2016 Rio Olympics Games.

So, who is she? Keep reading this Eirianedd Munro Wikipedia and find out. 

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Eirianedd Munro Age

Eirianedd Munro was born on January 5, 1998. That made her 23 years of age in 2021 when her 3-year-older boyfriend won the gold medal in Olympics.

Corresponding to her birthday, Eirianedd is of the Capricorn zodiac.

Trivia: We’re not exactly sure what happened, but Eirianedd’s 16th birthday wasn’t as joyful as she expected it to be. She said, “Funny how I’ve been waiting years for my 16th birthday and now I don’t even want it to happen.”

Eirianedd Munro Nationality

Eirianedd Munro’s IG bio wrote, “The name’s Welsh, the melanin’s Nigerian. “ Or, in simple words, she flaunts Welsh nationality and Nigerian ethnicity.

Digging in deeper, we found out that Eirianedd’s father was Nigerian, and her mother a Britsh.

Who Are Eirianedd Munro’s Parents?

Eirianedd Munro is one of the four children born to parents Tola and Llywela Munro. Her father, Tola was a police officer who served Gwent Police Federation. Also, he was the president of the NBPA (National Black Police Association).

As for Eirianedd’s mother Llywela, not much was known about her, except for the fact that loved plants and trees.

In 2021, Eirianedd’s were married for over 29 years. They celebrated their wedding anniversary on July 25.

Little info about her siblings:

  • Carys Munro: An indoor plant and pots seller. She was in a relationship with Mark Davies as of 2021.
  • Abies Munro: 3 years younger than Eirianedd, and was still attending college in 2021.
  • Elliott Munro: Find him on IG @elliott.munro with his motto “go with the flow.”

If Eirianedd were to ever marry Adam, her parents-in-law would be Caroline and Mark Petty. Also, she would be the sister-in-law of her husband’s siblings: James, Richard, and Beahrtany Peaty.

Her Height, Distinct Features

Eirianedd Munro stands tall at a height above 5 feet 7 inches. She is much shorter than her swimmer boyfriend Adam who is 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Eirianedd has dark eyes and hair, and a round-shaped face.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

As of July 2021, Eirianedd entertained 14.6K followers over Instagram @eirimunro, and 778 followers over Twitter @EirianeddMunro.

Find her over Facebook @esther.munro.12, and Pinterest @eirimunro.

Also, she had 898 subscribers over her Youtube channel “Eiri Munro” where she often posted vlogs from inside her home.

Eirianedd Munro Job, Net Worth

Eirianedd Munro is a professional artist who specialized in nudity. Find her works over IG @emunroart with over 1.4K subscribers. 

Among all of her pieces, our favorite would certainly be the one that she painted of her lovely mother. She said, “it all began as a Christmas present” for her mom.

However, as of 2021, she wasn’t taking commissions and focusing on her original works only. 

Eirianedd has also painted a few stars like Santan Dave, Aweng Chuol, Jazzelle Zanaughtti, Teiji Utsumi, and Rico Nasty.

In light of her education, Eirianedd graduated with her fine art degree in Jul 2021 from Loughborough University.

By 2021, Eirianedd garnered a net worth of under $100 thousand.

Eirianedd Munro And Adam Peaty: Kids, Engaged Yet?

Eirianedd Munro first met Adam Peaty at Loughborough University. At the time, Adam was training for his swimming and Eirianedd was studying arts.

So, after dating for a while the two then were blessed with a new life, but before Adam could make the pregnancy announcement, The Sun newspaper stole his moment from him and revealed the news over their paper. To which, Adam expressed his disappointment over IG,

“So this morning The Sun decided to publish something, without any attempt at contacting me or my team, that is very personal and, by doing so, have attempted to tarnish a truly special time in my life. I won’t let that happen.”

Then Adam went on to add his side of the announcement and asked his followers not to “don’t believe everything you read.”

Eirianedd and Adam went on to have their first kid named George-Anderson Adetola Peaty at 5:45 am, November 9, 2020. 

As of July 2021, the couple didn’t seem to be engaged yet. But this may change anytime soon, as Adam has reached one of his top milestones and might want to settle down.

The last we saw them was on Valentine’s day 2021 over Eirianedd’s IG; where she labeled Adam to be her “bestie, soulmate, inspiration, and everything”.

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